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How about October 31, 2020, September 15 of the lunar calendar

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the business of a store often depends on the internal quality of the store, good quality and poor service, but it is also related to Feng Shui, whether to recruit money or not, and how many people flow. These series of things are related to the opening on the first day. If the opening is good, they will be blessed by the God of wealth. So hurry to the old yellow calendar to check whether October 31, 2020 is suitable for opening.

开业好日子查询 2020年10月31日农历九月十五如何

October 31, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: September 15, 2020 Gregorian calendar: October 31, 2020 (Saturday) opposition: Yang richong (Xin Chou) Niu suisha: suisha West God of wealth: Southwest God of wealth: Yutang (Zodiac day) today's fetal God: warehouse toilet East phenology in the room: stinging insects are salty and prone to Peng Zu's Taboos: Ding will get sore if he doesn't shave his head. He doesn't take medicine. Poison gas enters the intestines today. Today, he combines with rabbits, horses, cattle, rats, cattle and dogs.

开业好日子查询 2020年10月31日农历九月十五如何

good opening day query October 31, 2020 how to be today on September 15 of the lunar calendar: marriage certificate, engagement and enrollment today's taboo: decoration, opening, entering the house and starting travel

query the old yellow calendar, On October 31, 2020, the 15th day of September of the lunar calendar is not suitable for business opening and other matters. Tips for business opening auspicious time: the above contents only refer to the Yellow calendar, based on the harmony of time, place and people, supplemented by the calculation of eight characters, five elements, nine stars and three walls, to deeply analyze the relationship between the prosperity and decline of Caixing and its role. For more details, please select the [auspicious day for business opening] below to learn the auspicious time for business opening that is in line with your own destiny. Expand reading of


: 1. Wangcai mascots placed in shops must be mascots passing through temples and towns, otherwise they cannot play the role of Wangcai. 2. The shop should not face the "t" intersection, the end of the corridor or the tall building behind the elevator. We should also avoid the storefront of ominous things, mainly referring to some buildings that are easy to make people feel psychological discomfort, such as chimney, toilet, bullpen, stable, funeral home, hospital, etc. Feng Shui regards these information brought by unlucky buildings as ferocious.

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