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How about the perfect opening date November 3, 2020, September 18 of the lunar calendar

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wants to open its business well, the luck on that day is very important, so this luck has something to do with whether it is our auspicious day. Auspicious day is auspicious day as the name suggests, but it will not be auspicious day every day. Therefore, you need to check the old yellow calendar to see which day is our auspicious day, and you can open it. Then check it quickly, Let's see if November 3, 2020 is an auspicious opening day.

开业最完美日子 2020年11月3日农历九月十八怎么样

November 3, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: September 2020 (small) 18 branches: bingxu day in the year of gengzi zodiac: belongs to rat Constellation: Scorpio Constellation: Betelgeuse (water APE) The Twelve Gods of the stars: Jian Zhiwei, the five elements of the moon: the earth on the house, the five elements of the earth, the year, the north, the sun, the five elements of the earth, the hairpin, the gold moon, the moon, the north, the happy God: Peng Zu's Taboos in the Northwest: Geng's meridian loom is empty, garrison doesn't eat dogs and go to bed. Today's joint harm: today's half three with the horse, six with the rabbit, collide with the dragon, and harm with the chicken, With cattle and sheep.

开业最完美日子 2020年11月3日农历九月十八怎么样

the perfect day for opening on November 3, 2020 how about September 18 of the lunar calendar? Today's appropriate: [daily value red yarn] opening for admission and sacrificing money. What's taboo today: [daily value red yarn] moving and decorating and asking for heirs to take office

you can see from the old yellow calendar, On November 3, 2020, September 18 of the lunar calendar is suitable for opening and other matters. Tips on opening auspicious times: the above contents only refer to the Yellow calendar, based on the harmony of time, place and people, supplemented by the calculation of eight characters, five elements, nine stars and three walls, to deeply analyze the relationship between the prosperity and decline of Caixing and its role. For more details, you can select the following [opening auspicious day] to find out the opening auspicious time in line with your own destiny. Expand reading of


: great blessing for opening 1. Friends send kumquats for opening, with golden brilliance and good performance; When the new store opened and sent flower baskets, the business was smooth and not difficult; I wish my friends open a shop, and a SMS will send blessing. The business is prosperous, the financial resources are wide, and the business is smooth and rich! 2. The opening of the new store is jubilant and bustling, auspicious; Business is sure to roll in, and the financial resources must be uninterrupted; Send a text message to recruit wealth and fortune. Luck goes on and on, and the wallet is full of laughter and joy!

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