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The opening date is November 10, 2020. Is September 25 of the lunar calendar a good day

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How about the opening date of

? First, it's best to measure the boss's eight characters before opening. If there is no problem with the boss's eight characters, measure the employees' eight characters. Because employees don't have to attend the scene, employees with different eight characters don't come, and then select the auspicious day suitable for opening from the old yellow calendar. Is November 10, 2020 suitable for opening?

开业日期挑选 2020年11月10日农历九月二十五是好日子吗

November 10, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: September 2020 (small) Twenty five Ganzhi: the year of gengzi: Ding Hai month: Ding Si day zodiac: belongs to the rat Constellation: Scorpio month name: Ji Qiu God of wealth: the seven evil spirits on the West day: the sun on the mountain of Hai dies in the sky: the son is ugly Peng zubaiji: Ding will have a sore if he doesn't shave his head. He doesn't travel far. His property is hidden today. Today's joint harm: he is half three with the chicken, six with the monkey, and collides with the pig, It is harmful to tigers and punishable to monkeys.

开业日期挑选 2020年11月10日农历九月二十五是好日子吗

opening date is it a good day to choose November 10, 2020, September 25 of the lunar calendar? What's appropriate today: [day value month break] opening for business, signing vouchers for wealth and superfluous things to avoid today: [day value month break] moving, decoration and marriage

it can be seen from the old yellow calendar, On November 10, 2020, September 25 of the lunar calendar is suitable for opening and other matters. Tips on opening auspicious days: the above contents should not be sorted out from the general book of the traditional yellow calendar. It is suggested to combine the eight characters of my birthday and the five elements of yin and yang to avoid the harmful and adverse days. For more details, you can select the [auspicious day of opening] below to know the auspicious day of opening in line with your own destiny. There is a kind of celebration called opening, a cause called opening, a hope called getting rich, a firecracker called warm congratulations, and a blessing called opening congratulations. I wish the new store open and open wealth. 2. Love Lingfa! With the movement of years, in this important day, I wish you good luck in your business and prosperity!

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