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Opening date: November 11, 2020, September 26 of the lunar calendar

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double 11 is both singles' day and shopping festival. It is very lively at this time of year, but whether it is a auspicious day for opening depends on the location of various immortals. If the old yellow calendar says auspicious day, the opening ceremony can be carried out. Is November 11, 2020 a auspicious day for opening? Use the old yellow calendar to check it.

开业日期查询 2020年11月11日农历九月二十六怎样

November 11, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: September 26, 2020 Gregorian calendar: November 11, 2020 + Wednesday, Ganzhi: year of gengzi + month of Dinghai + day of Wuwu: Ma richong (Renzi) Rat suisha: suisha North happiness God: Southeast blessing God: Northeast God of wealth: due North Peng zubaiji: e is not affected by the bad luck of the field owner, the house owner is not covered in the afternoon, and today's joint harm: today, he is half three with the tiger, half three with the dog, six with the sheep, collided with the rat, harmed with the cow, and punished with the horse (self punishment).

开业日期查询 2020年11月11日农历九月二十六怎样

opening date query November 11, 2020 how about September 26 of the lunar calendar today: [day value year break] move, decorate, marry and sacrifice today's taboo: [day value year break] opening and bed setting

query the old yellow calendar, On November 11, 2020, September 26 of the lunar calendar is not suitable for opening and other matters. Tips on opening auspicious days: the contents of the old yellow calendar above are the basis of traditional opening days, which are not combined with your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to learn about the good opening days consistent with your own destiny. Expand reading of


: instructions for opening Feng Shui 1. When opening, put Feng Shui mascots on the Feng Shui level of the store. Elephants can be used as backers in Feng Shui, indicating that the business of the store is stable and can be strongly relied on. The elephant trunk can absorb water, and water in Feng Shui is the meaning of wealth, so the elephant can absorb wealth and grab all the wealth passing through the door into the store. Placing elephants at the beginning of business can seize the opportunity and win the wealth from the beginning. 2. From the perspective of the opening calendar and Feng Shui, the best auspicious opening time of the day is between 9:00 and 12:00. It should be noted that no matter what kind of store you are, you'd better not do it later in the afternoon, because the time before noon is full of Yang, which has great positive energy help for people and shops, and everyone is a very energetic time.

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