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How about October 22, 2020, the sixth day of the ninth lunar month

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chooses a good day to hold a wedding event in order to achieve good luck. Chinese people attach great importance to the choice of days. More and more people will choose a good day with homophonic meaning to hold a wedding event and want to make a good start. Of course, it also needs to be smooth and smooth to start work. Do a good job without falling off the chain, so it also needs to choose a good day, The old yellow calendar will provide you with good days.

什么日子开工好 2020年10月22日阴历九月初六怎么样

October 22, 2020 lunar calendar query: Thursday, the sixth day of September in the year of gengzi today auspicious star: mother warehouse guarding the sun, Tianma today, ferocious God: Moon building hour, earth house recovering the sun, white tiger today, eight characters: gengzi Yiyou, 1898, rilu: Shenming mutual Lu auspicious God orientation: joy God: Southeast blessing God: due north, God of wealth: due north. Today's fetal God: the lucky star in the south of the room: Yigui Xin ordered the wealth official to seal the life of Lu, who was already expensive and ugly and did not apply for the three Six Harmonies of Ziyou's life. Lucky Chinese zodiac: rat, ox, rabbit and monkey Peng zubaiji: Wu is not affected by Tian Xu and doesn't eat dog purple and white nine stars: eight white

什么日子开工好 2020年10月22日阴历九月初六怎么样

what's the date to start? How about October 22, the sixth day of September in the lunar calendar? What's today's appropriate: cooking stoves to make livestock thick? What's today's taboo: funeral and burial

according to the old yellow calendar, It is suitable to start construction on the sixth day of September of the lunar calendar in 2020. Tips for lucky start: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of traditional lucky start date selection. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [lucky start date] below to learn about the good start date consistent with your own destiny.


commencement red envelope Geely figure list 1.68 16.8 168: on behalf of all the way 1.78 17.8 178: on behalf of all the way 1.88 18.8 188: on behalf of all the time 0.66 6.6 6 66.6 66.66: on behalf of shunshun Plain sailing 0.88 8.8 8.88 88.8 88.88: represents hair 0.99 9.9 9.99 99 99.9 99.99: Represents

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