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Is it auspicious to start construction on October 27, 2020, September 11 of the lunar calendar

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The commencement of

means that work is about to start and a project is about to start, so this day is actually very important. You can check the old yellow calendar to see the next day. Many bosses will send red envelopes to employees to start work, hoping that everything will be satisfactory, the work can be handed over well, and the employees will be more motivated and complete the work better.

开工黄道吉日 2020年10月27日农历九月十一吉利吗

On October 27, 2020, the Yellow calendar inquired about the lunar calendar: September 11, the year of gengzi, Tuesday, today's auspicious star: four phases and six combinations do not make the sacred heart and five combinations sound. The dog is ferocious to today: the big time defeated the Xianchi lake, and the small consumption five falsehoods outline today's eight characters: gengzi Yiyou guimao, rilu: Yiming into lumao, ordering mutual Lu. Auspicious God orientation: Hi God: Southeast blessing God: due West God of wealth: due south. Today's fetal God: choose a day in the south of the door of the room and bed. Lucky star: wubingjia orders the wealth official to seal Lu in ziguimao, and the ugly Chen orders three or six harmonies. Lucky zodiac: cattle, tigers, horses, sheep, Peng zubaiji: Kui doesn't sue, Mao doesn't wear well, purple and white nine stars: SANBI


, 开工黄道吉日 2020年10月27日农历九月十一吉利吗,


start the zodiac auspicious day October 27 lunar September 11 auspicious? Today's appropriate: marry, subscribe, accept mining, travel, sacrifice and migration start today's taboo: enter the house and bury in the ground

according to the old yellow calendar, September 11 of the 2020 lunar calendar is suitable for commencement and other matters, which is more auspicious. Tips for commencement selection: the contents of the old yellow calendar above are the basis of traditional commencement selection, which are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [auspicious commencement date] below It is a custom in China's Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions to inquire about a good day to start work, which is consistent with their own destiny. Generally, after the Spring Festival, on the day when the enterprise starts again, all employees and subordinates pay New Year's greetings to the owner, and the owner sends red envelopes to the employees, with 18 yuan and 88 yuan inside, symbolizing the number of auspicious and rich Paper money makes everyone happy and noisy, symbolizing good luck, harmony and booming business!

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