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Perpetual calendar inquiry Zodiac auspicious day October 30, 2020 lunar September 14 can start work

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In fact,

is often done at different times at the same time with different efficiency, so now many people will choose auspicious days to start work. They hope to get twice the result with half the effort on good days. If you choose a good day, you can check the old yellow calendar, which introduces in detail the daily taboos and other related matters.

万年历查询黄道吉日 2020年10月30日阴历九月十四开工可以吗

October 30, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: September 14, the year of gengzi today's lucky star: Tiande yuede Sanhe Tianxi Tianyi tiancang wants an Ming dog today's ferocious God: Tianxing today's eight characters: gengzi Yiyou Bingwu rilu: Ding Ji's life into Lu Si's life mutual Lu lucky god orientation: joy God: Southwest blessing God: Zheng East god of wealth: Southwest. Today's fetal God: the East in the kitchen will choose a day. Lucky star: Gui Xinji will command the wealth official to seal his salary. He will command three Six Harmonies in the already expensive sea, the unitary day and the afternoon sea. Lucky zodiac: dragon, snake, monkey and pig Peng zubaiji: C don't fix the stove, don't cover the purple and white nine stars in the afternoon: Nine purple

万年历查询黄道吉日 2020年10月30日阴历九月十四开工可以吗

perpetual calendar query Zodiac auspicious day October 30 lunar September 14 can start work? What's appropriate today: marriage, engagement, sacrifice, entering the house, breaking the ground and burying. What's taboo today: fasting and sacrificing at the gate


according to the old yellow calendar, September 14 of the 2020 lunar calendar is suitable for commencement and other matters. Tips for commencement selection: the above old yellow calendar content is the basis of traditional commencement selection, which is not combined with your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [commencement auspicious day] below Inquire and learn about a good day to start work that is consistent with your own destiny. 1. Red envelope speech for starting work. 1. Unite as one and work together; strive for the best of everything and be unique. Fubi Zhutao, customers like flowing water, and Sichuan, wish you good luck in opening up business, enter treasure in all directions, and bring wealth in all directions! 2. Wealth is high, eight Dou and ten top hundred, the source is continuous, the three rivers of wealth, gather in the hall of people, and you will come again , please look at the first and last words respectively. I wish you good luck in your business and congratulations on making a fortune!

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