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The best opening date is November 14, 2020 in the Yellow calendar. How about the future business on September 29 of the lunar calendar

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The opening ceremony of

is the first appearance of a company and really appears in front of the public. Therefore, a lot of preparations need to be made on this day. If everything needs to go smoothly, it is necessary to choose an auspicious day, otherwise some mistakes may have a bad impact on the company. Then use the old yellow calendar to check the auspicious opening day, How about November 14, 2020?

开业最佳黄历 2020年11月14日农历九月二十九未来业务好吗

November 14, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: Saturday, November 14, 2020 A.D. lunar calendar: September 2020 (small) Twenty nine Ganzhi: gengzi year, Ding Hai month, Xin you day, Na Yin: [year] Bishang earth [month] Wushang earth [day] pomegranate zodiac: rat year old Sha: year old Sha East, five elements: Pomegranate month Sha: month Sha West, God of happiness: Southwest month order: Ding Hai blessing God: Northwest month name: Ji Qiu God of wealth: due east, seven Sha: Mao Mountain Sun dies in the air: ZiChou

开业最佳黄历 2020年11月14日农历九月二十九未来业务好吗

the best yellow calendar for opening November 14, 2020, September 29 of the lunar calendar. How about business in the future? What should be done today: get married, get a house permit, set up a bed and travel today's taboo: start opening the market, accept livestock and start drilling

it can be seen from the old yellow calendar, On November 14, 2020, September 29 of the lunar calendar is not suitable for opening and other matters. Tips for opening auspicious times: the above contents only refer to the Yellow calendar, based on the harmony of time, place and people, supplemented by the calculation of eight characters, five elements, nine stars and three walls, to deeply analyze the relationship between the prosperity and decline of Caixing and its role. For more details, please select [opening auspicious day] below to get the opening auspicious time in line with your own destiny.

extended reading: opening wishes 1. Congratulations on the opening of your store. Old friends come to congratulate you. They specially send auspicious flower baskets filled with good wishes. If you like firecrackers, I wish you a prosperous business and a happy cornucopia. I wish you a rolling source of wealth and prosperity forever. 2. I can't bring you business. Send some blessings to add joy, Can't send you wealth, send some good luck to add enthusiasm, can't send you happiness, send some greetings to add warmth, can't add auspiciousness to you, send some good luck to accompany you, and accompany your business with the heart of a friend.

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