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The best day for opening is November 15, 2020. Is the first day of October in the lunar calendar suitable

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The day chosen for the opening of

must be lucky and auspicious, otherwise it may affect the future operation of the company, make the fortune of the company bad, and it may collapse soon. Therefore, if you want to make the company have a good prospect, you'd better choose the auspicious day for the opening. Then which day is the auspicious day? Check the old yellow calendar quickly, Look at the first day of the tenth lunar month, isn't it?

开业最好日子 2020年11月15日农历十月初一适合吗

November 15, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: the first day of October, 2020 Gregorian calendar: November 15, 2020 (Sunday) opposition: dog richong (C Chen) long suisha: suisha North God of wealth: due south God of wealth: Si Ming (Zodiac day) today fetal God: warehouse Outer southeast phenology: pheasant entering the flood is a mirage moon phase: new (New) moon Sha: Moon Sha West God of happiness: due south moon order: Ding Hai blessing God: Southeast moon Name: Meng Dong God of wealth: due south seven Sha: Chenshan sun sky death: ZiChou

开业最好日子 2020年11月15日农历十月初一适合吗

The best day for business opening is November 15, 2020. Is the first day of October in the lunar calendar suitable for today: the commencement of business removes the taboo of opening the market and receiving money today: move the upper beam, break the ground and install Xiangna livestock


according to the old yellow calendar, On November 15, 2020, the first day of October of the lunar calendar is suitable for business opening and other matters. Tips for business opening: the above contents should not be sorted out from the general book of the traditional yellow calendar. It is suggested to combine the eight characters of my birthday and the five elements of Yin and yang to avoid the harmful and adverse day. For more details, please select the [auspicious day for business opening] below to know the auspicious day for business opening in line with my life.

expand reading: opening greeting card 1. Can't bring you business, send some blessings to add joy, can't send you wealth, send some auspiciousness to add enthusiasm, can't send you happiness, send some greetings to add warmth, can't add auspiciousness to you, send some good luck to accompany you, and keep your business booming with the heart of friends. 2. Say hello to the boss. I wish you take the auspicious cloud and make progress every day; Congratulations to the boss. I wish you a god of wealth! I wish you good luck in your opening and a lot of money!

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