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The best auspicious day for opening is November 25, 2020. Can you make a fortune on October 11 of the lunar calendar

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It is easy to choose the auspicious day in the

opening day. You can find it in the old yellow calendar. The difficulty is the auspicious day matching the boss's eight characters. Because the day matching the boss's eight characters is not necessarily a good day for opening, you need to wait a long time. Is November 25, 2020 suitable for use as a good day for opening?

开业最好吉日 2020年11月25日农历十月十一能发财吗

November 25, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 A.D. lunar calendar: October 20 (large) Eleven branches: gengzi year, Ding Haiyue, Ren shenri, Na Yin: [Nian] bishangtu [month] wushangtu [day] Jianfeng golden zodiac: rat duty: Tianxing (underworld day) Suisha: suisha, the five elements of the south sun: the sword edge, the golden moon Sha, the moon Sha, the West God of happiness, the due south moon order, the blessing God of Ding Hai, the name of the southeast moon, Meng Dong, the God of wealth, the seven Sha of the due south sun, the death of Yin Mountain in the sky, Xuhai

开业最好吉日 2020年11月25日农历十月十一能发财吗

The best auspicious day for business opening is November 25, 2020. Can you make a fortune on October 11 of the lunar calendar? Today's appropriate: move, decorate, get married, get a license, get engaged today's taboo: start business, put a bed, travel and bury


, On November 25, 2020, October 11 of the lunar calendar is not suitable for opening and other matters. Tips on opening auspicious days: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of traditional opening days, which are not combined with your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to learn about the good opening days that are consistent with your destiny.

expand reading: opening blessing couplet 1. Today's opening is auspicious. I send you a bunch of flowers. I wish you a lot of money and flowers. Send you a fruit basket, wish you good luck, wealth and constant company. I send you a picture. May your business be prosperous and prosperous. 2. When your store opens today, I wish you a rolling source of money, like a surging river. I wish you prosperity, like the flood of the Yellow River. If you want to be rich and prosperous, add a deadline, I hope it will be 10000 years.

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