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The opening date of the Yellow calendar is November 28, 2020. Can October 14 of the lunar calendar go smoothly

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has chosen a good day for opening, but if you want to make the best of the auspicious day, you still need to look at the eight characters of the boss and the eight characters of the employees participating in the ceremony, especially the eight characters of the boss. Because the boss is in charge of the company, the eight characters of the boss are the most important. First, check the old yellow calendar to see if November 28, 2020 is going well.

开业黄历选择 2020年11月28日农历十月十四能顺利吗

the Yellow calendar on November 28, 2020 selects the Gregorian calendar: Saturday, November 28, 2020 A.D. the lunar calendar: October 2020 (large) Fourteen main branches: gengzi year Ding Hai month Yi Hai Day Na Yin: [year] bishangtu [month] wushangtu [day] hilltop fire zodiac: rat duty: Tiande (Zodiac day) Chong Sha: Chong snake [Zheng Chong Ji Si] Sha Xi Yue Sha: Yue Sha Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Shen: Northwest Yue Ling: Ding Hai Fu Shen: Southwest moon Name: Meng Dong God of wealth: Northeast sun seven Sha: Si Shan sun sky death: Shen you

开业黄历选择 2020年11月28日农历十月十四能顺利吗

The opening calendar is November 28, 2020. Can October 14 of the lunar calendar go smoothly? What's appropriate today: travel with a certificate for cooking, travel and enter school today. What's taboo today: move and start business, enter the house and start land


can be seen from the old yellow calendar, On November 28, 2020, October 14 of the lunar calendar is not suitable for opening and other matters. Tips on opening auspicious days: the contents of the old yellow calendar above are the basis of traditional opening days, which are not combined with your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to learn about the good opening days that are consistent with your destiny.

expand reading: opening feng shui knowledge 1. Each person's eight characters has a favorable aspect in five lines. If the shop pays attention to the fate needs of the shopkeeper's eight characters in site selection, orientation, decoration color and store layout, it can fully play a beneficial effect, and the natural business will increase the aspect of success. 2. If the store faces the north, when winter comes, whether it is northeast wind or northwest wind, it will enter directly from the gate. When the cold wind strikes, it is easy to affect the staff's health. In addition, the store is too cold and lack of Yang, which is not conducive to attracting customers to stop, and the sales performance is naturally dismal.

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