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Opening date inquiry November 29, 2020 lunar October 15 OK

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What kind of day

can be called the auspicious opening day? Everything related to this day will be smooth, and Geely's work will be much smoother in the future. This is the charm of the auspicious opening day. So how do you know which day is auspicious? You can know by querying the old yellow calendar. Hurry to calculate November 29, 2020, right?

开业日子查询 2020年11月29日农历十月十五行不行

November 29, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: November 29, 2020 Sunday lunar calendar: October 15, 2020 main branch: Ding Hai in the year of gengzi day of Duty: Qinglong (Zodiac day) Twelve Gods: in addition to the position, Chong Sha: Chong Ma Sui Sha, South Yue Sha: Yue Sha, West Xi Shen: Southwest Yue Ling: Ding Hai Fu Shen: Northwest Yue Ming: Meng Dong, God of wealth: seven Sha on the West day: Wu Shan sun died in the sky: Shen you

开业日子查询 2020年11月29日农历十月十五行不行

Opening date query November 29, 2020 lunar calendar October 15 OK today's appropriate: opening, entering the house, starting to travel and bury today's taboo: decoration, marriage license, moving the ground, engagement


query the old yellow calendar, Tips for opening on October 15 of the lunar calendar on November 29, 2020: the above contents only refer to the Yellow calendar, based on the harmony of time, place and people, supplemented by the calculation of eight characters, five elements, nine stars and three walls, to deeply analyze the relationship between the prosperity and decline of Caixing and its role. For more details, you can select the [opening auspicious day] below to learn the opening auspicious time in line with your own destiny.


expand reading: blessing for opening a store 1. Great happiness and good luck for opening a store. The wealth is rolling into your pocket, and the popularity and good luck are pouring into your store. I wish you a prosperous business, a wide range of wealth, the wealth of rivers and rivers, and the wealth of the sea and the Great Lakes. 2. The store has opened and the dream has come true; Opening, festive; Opened, stepped on; Blessed, auspicious; Wealth is prosperous and prosperous; Great plans, great exhibitions; It's done. It's done.

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