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Opening date: December 1, 2020 is October 17 of the lunar calendar suitable for opening

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The selection of the opening auspicious day of

company is a complex matter. In fact, it is very simple. You only need to use the old yellow calendar to see which day is the opening auspicious day. However, it is more difficult to see whether the boss's eight characters will conflict with the day. If the conflict cannot be selected, do you want to see whether December 1, 2020 is suitable for opening?

开业日子精选 2020年12月1日农历十月十七适合开张吗

December 1, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 A.D. lunar calendar: October 2020 (University) Seventeen branches: in the year of gengzi, Ding Haiyue, Wu yinri, Na Yin: [Nian] Bishang earth [moon] Wushang earth [day] Chengtou earth zodiac: rat duty: Prison (underworld day) Peng zubaiji: Wu bushou Tian, Yin Buji Xingxiu: Northern chamber fire pig - auspicious and evil should be avoided: he Kui, death, disaster, five empty, earth bag Prison nine stars: 1 white - Taiyi star (water) - auspicious God

开业日子精选 2020年12月1日农历十月十七适合开张吗

opening date selection December 1, 2020 is October 17 of the lunar calendar suitable for opening? Today's appropriate: opening to start the ground, engagement and inheritance. Today's taboo: moving, decorating, getting married and getting a certificate


can be seen from the old yellow calendar, On December 1, 2020, October 17 of the lunar calendar is suitable for opening and other matters. Tips on opening auspicious days: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of traditional opening dates, which are not combined with your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to learn about the good opening days that are consistent with your destiny. Expand reading of


: selection of opening location 1. When selecting the address of the store, we should also consider the openness in front of the store. It is required that there should be no such obstructions as electric poles, fences, billboards and trees that are too large to cover the eyes, otherwise it is not conducive to store Feng Shui. 2. Shops are generally selected in places with a large number of people. Where there are people, there is Yang Qi. The more people there are, the more Yang Qi is. In this way, more people can buy goods to make the business of the shop better. If you choose in a remote area, not only do not many people visit, but the store is also lack of vitality, resulting in excessive Yin. The business of the light store is cold and quiet, and the serious store has no loss of money.

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