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Is it lucky to open on November 21, 2020, the seventh day of October in the lunar calendar

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today's society is actually a society of money. Rich people can enjoy good materials and receive higher education. Therefore, many people want their offspring to enjoy good things. They will choose entrepreneurship. After all, if entrepreneurship is successful, they can earn more money than wages, but when starting a business, they should pay attention to the opening date and go to the old yellow calendar to choose a lucky day for opening.

下半年吉日挑选 2020年11月21日农历十月初七开张吉利吗

November 21, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar date: Saturday, November 21, 2020 A.D. lunar calendar date: October (University) of the peasant calendar Festival solar terms of the seventh day of the Lunar New Year: World greeting day, world television day, Hijri date: April 5, 1442, Islamic calendar, today's age: Ding Hai, Wu Chen, the year of gengzi, today's five elements: Da Lin holds the position today: holds the day on duty, star God: Si Ming (lucky star) Chong: Chong dog (Renshu) Direction of the fetal God in the South: outside the room and bed, the auspicious God in the South should tend to: Heaven's grace resolves the God, Yang De is in charge of the life, and evil spirits should avoid: the thief in the sky consumes the earth, and Peng Zu's Taboos: if you don't suffer the ominous day of the field Lord, you will lose


, 下半年吉日挑选 2020年11月21日农历十月初七开张吉利吗,


The auspicious day in the second half of the year is November 21, the seventh day of October in the lunar calendar. What's good for today: nacai's marriage, marriage, bed, adoption and burial of the population. What's not good for today: the opening of the market. The transaction broke the ground for cooking


. It can be seen from the old yellow calendar that it is not suitable to open on the seventh day of October in the lunar calendar in 2020. Tips on opening auspicious days: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of the traditional opening day. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to understand the good opening days that are consistent with your own destiny.

is a circle of friends of sales elites. Pay attention to the circle of friends of customers. Pay attention to the circle of friends of customers often. In addition to praising, you should also comment on the circle of friends who often go to your customers. Customers can make some interactive comments after sending photos of their lives.

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