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Yellow calendar Yiji query November 14, 2020 lunar September 29 start

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company chooses the auspicious day and auspicious hour to start work in order to achieve good luck and win a good prize. In fact, many bosses still pay more attention to this. We also follow the customs handed down by our ancestors. As long as we can pay attention to the places we just pay attention to for the good development of the company, we can go to the old yellow calendar when we choose the auspicious day to start work.

黄历宜忌查询 2020年11月14日农历九月二十九开工好吗

November 14, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: Saturday, November 14, 2020 Scorpio lunar calendar: September 29, 2020 God → rosefinch (underworld day) year of age: year of Geng, Zodiac rat, month of Ding Hai, Xinyou Chong Sha: Chong rabbit (Yimao) Sha Dong fetal God Zhan Fang: the southeast Na Yin star outside the kitchen stove door: Pomegranate wood is open and holds the position. The auspicious God should tend to: when the sun is angry, the holy heart eliminates the God, and the dog barks. The evil god should avoid: the disaster and the sky fire consume four and five away from the rosefinch Peng Zu's hundred taboos: the owner doesn't taste the spicy sauce, the host doesn't feast, drunk and crazy. This month's solar term: beginning of winter → 7:00 on November 7; Light snow → at 4:00 on November 22,

黄历宜忌查询 2020年11月14日农历九月二十九开工好吗

the Yellow calendar should not be queried. Will it start on September 29 of the lunar calendar on November 14? Today is suitable: sacrifice and pray for offspring, bathe crown hairpin, travel and haircut. Today's taboo: migrate into the house, settle down as a beam and bury

it can be seen from the old yellow calendar, It is suitable to start construction on September 29 of the lunar calendar in 2020. Tips for lucky start: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of the traditional lucky start date. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [lucky start date] below to learn about the lucky start date consistent with your own destiny. Precautions for


commencement celebrations festive celebrations can enhance the momentum of commencement and achieve the effect of improving the success rate of work. The most common celebration is the ribbon cutting ceremony or the commencement ceremony. The holding of these ceremonies does not require too much energy and wealth, but we must choose the right time, preferably according to the auspicious day, so as to ensure the good luck after the commencement.

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