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Is it suitable to start on November 30, 2020, October 16 of the lunar calendar

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Every day of

is a new beginning for us. In fact, many people's work is day after day, but we still have to work hard to meet it. In order to live a better life, we need to work harder in the future. In fact, before starting work, we can pick a good start day in the old yellow calendar to make a good start, so that our work can be smooth, even promotion and salary increase.

吉利日子挑选 2020年11月30日农历十月十六开工适宜吗

November 30, 2020 Gregorian calendar: Monday, November 30, 2020 Sagittarius lunar calendar: October 16, 2020 God → Yutang (Zodiac day) age: year of gengzi, Zodiac rat, Ding Haiyue, Ding Chou RI Chong Sha: Chong Yang (Xinwei) Zhan Fang, the fetal God in the east of Shasha: the sound star in the southwest outside the toilet of the warehouse: the water in the stream is full, the auspicious God should tend to: the evil god in the jade Hall of Yuyu, wuford, guarding the sun should avoid: the moon is tired of earth fire, the nine sky great evil spirits should avoid Peng Zu's hundred taboos: Ding will get sore if he doesn't shave his head, ugly if he doesn't take the owner, he won't return home. Solar terms of this month: beginning of winter → 7:00 on November 7; Light snow → at 4:00 on November 22,

吉利日子挑选 2020年11月30日农历十月十六开工适宜吗

auspicious day is it suitable to start work on October 16 of the lunar calendar on November 30? Today is suitable: everything is not taboo today: everything is unfavorable.

it can be seen from the old yellow calendar that October 16 of the lunar calendar in 2020 is not suitable for start work and other matters. Tips for lucky start: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of the traditional lucky start date. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [lucky start date] below to learn about the lucky start date consistent with your own destiny.


banners and slogans at the commencement ceremony 1. Always be safe in your heart and eat and sleep sweetly. 2. Parents, wives and children care about you, and keep in mind safety production. 3. The leader's inspection is caring and takes rectification seriously. 4. It takes a thousand days to get rich, but the day of the accident is empty.

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