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Auspicious day inquiry: it opens on December 6, 2020 on October 22 of the lunar calendar

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is not willing to be ordinary, which is the characteristic of our generation. Many people don't want to spend their life so ordinary. They want to fight for their life, give up a stable job and choose to start a business. At the beginning, they are ignorant. Therefore, a good lottery is very important for entrepreneurs. You can refer to the old yellow calendar and choose an auspicious day to open.

吉日查询 2020年12月6日农历十月二十二开张吉凶

inquiry of the Yellow calendar on December 6, 2020 date of the Gregorian calendar: Sunday, December 6, 2020 A.D. date of the lunar calendar: October (big) of the peasant calendar 2020 Twenty two festival solar terms: heavy snow lunar calendar date: April 20, 1442 in the Islamic calendar today age: year of gengzi Ding Hai month GUI Wei day today five elements: Yang liumu holds the position today: Star God on duty all day: Mingtang (auspicious star) Chong: Chong Niu (Ding Chou) Direction of the fetal God in the West: outside the room, bed and toilet, the northwest auspicious God should tend to: Heaven's virtue, heaven's grace, heaven's medicine, heaven's joy, ferocity, evil should avoid: hate four attacks on the swagger, touch the water dragon, Peng Zu's Taboos: Kui doesn't talk about litigation, weak reason, strong enemy doesn't take poison gas into the intestines


, 吉日查询 2020年12月6日农历十月二十二开张吉凶,


Auspicious day inquiry on December 6, the opening of the lunar calendar on October 22, auspicious and unlucky today's appropriate: lift the barbershop, relatives and friends, plant, feed, bury and repair cemeteries. Today's taboo: enter the house, make a stove, Sue, move, travel, travel to


, It is appropriate to open on October 22 of the lunar calendar in 2020. Tips on opening auspicious days: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of the traditional opening day. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to understand the good opening days that are consistent with your own destiny.


factors affecting Wangcai Feng Shui the water flow in the store is also a factor affecting Wangcai Feng Shui. Water is naturally considered good, but it also depends on the direction of the water flow. Do not let water flow outward. As the saying goes, fat water does not flow to outsiders' fields. Water is a symbol of wealth and should flow to yourself. In addition, the door of the store should not face the door, or elevator, etc. If facing, it forms a rush brake. To resolve this kind of shock, you can hang a string of five emperors' money on the wall facing the store door or on the inner side of the store door. While using the five emperors' money to resolve the shock, it can also help people recruit money and transport. It absorbs the power of auspicious auras such as career, noble people and wealth, which is better than gold and silver.

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