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December's popular opening date December 19, 2020 is the fifth day of November in the lunar calendar

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The opening day of

is well chosen, and all gods of wealth will report it. Therefore, many people pay great attention to the auspicious day of opening. The key to whether they can invite the God of wealth is that on the opening day, when the God of wealth arrives, business will naturally prosper, customers come from all directions, and sources of wealth will roll in. The auspicious day can be selected in the old yellow calendar, which has a detailed introduction.

12月热门开张日 2020年12月19日农历十一月初五是吗

December 19, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar date: Saturday, December 19, 2020 A.D. lunar calendar date: Farmer's calendar winter month (small) The fifth day of the lunar calendar date: May 4, 1442 in the Islamic calendar today age: the fifth day of the year of Geng Zi, the fifth day of the month of C Shen, today's five elements: the fire at the foot of the mountain, today's position: the star God on duty all day: Qinglong (lucky star) Chong: Chong Hu (Gengyin) Orientation of the fetal God in the South: the auspicious God in the north of the kitchen stove should tend to: the singing dog, the moon, the empty mother warehouse, the three in one, the heavenly joy, the heavenly doctor, the jade, the green dragon, the elimination of the evil spirit, the taboo: the great evil spirit of Jiujiao and jiukan earth mansion, five away from Peng Zu, the taboo: C. If you don't repair the stove, you will see disaster, Shen can't get a bed, sneak into the room

12月热门开张日 2020年12月19日农历十一月初五是吗

The popular opening day in December is December 19, the fifth day of November in the lunar calendar. What's suitable for today: travel, disassembly, lifting, renovation, construction, moving and opening. What's taboo today: everything is suitable.

it can be seen from the old yellow calendar that it is suitable to open on the fifth day of November in the 2020 lunar calendar. Tips on opening auspicious days: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of the traditional opening day. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to understand the good opening days that are consistent with your own destiny.


shops are facing away from filth. The gate of the most prosperous wealth shop is the gas receiving port of the whole shop. Therefore, the orientation of the gate of the shop and the gas field directly determine the bad luck of the gas received by the shop, and also directly related to the geomantic omen of the shop. Therefore, the door of the shop should naturally face the auspicious direction, and avoid the filthy directions such as garbage dump, public toilet, hospital, funeral home, cemetery and slaughterhouse. Because in geomantic omen, these places are special places, and the gas field is more complex. They are either filthy, deep resentment and Yin. If the shops face these buildings, too much filthy gas will be included every day, which will naturally affect the geomantic omen of the shops.

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