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How about October 5, 2020, August 19 of the lunar calendar

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wants a perfect date for entering the house. The first step is to find the date on the old yellow calendar. Generally speaking, there must be a suitable date for entering the house within a few days, but it can't be urgent. You need to combine your own eight characters to calculate the date. In this way, you can know your lucky date for entering the house. Then, the perfect yellow calendar for entering the house, How about October 5, 2020, August 19 of the lunar calendar?

入宅完美黄历 2020年10月5日农历八月十九如何

October 5, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: August 19, 2020 Gregorian calendar: October 5, 2020 + Monday trunk and branch: year of gengzi + month of Yiyou + Xinsi day opposition: snake day opposition (Yihai) Pig suisha: suisha East happiness God: Southwest blessing God: Northwest God of wealth: Zhengdong Star Building: auspicious time for becoming a throne: 11:00-12:59 PM value God: Tiande (Zodiac day)

入宅完美黄历 2020年10月5日农历八月十九如何

The perfect yellow calendar for entering the house on October 5, 2020 how is it appropriate to enter the house today on August 19 of the lunar calendar: entering the house and setting up a bed for fire and dismantling the earth today's taboo: Travel logging, burial, funeral and migration


query the old yellow calendar, it can be seen that August 19 of the lunar calendar on October 5, 2020 is suitable for entering the house and other matters. Tips for entering the house: the above contents only refer to the Yellow calendar, It doesn't match your eight characters and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, you can select [auspicious day of entering the house] below to find out the auspicious time of housewarming that fits your destiny.

expand reading: entering the house practice 1. Food to eat: it is better to fry cabbage (Baicai) or noodles (longevity) for lunch on the day of moving. Four apples and four oranges can be placed on the kitchen stove and dining table, symbolizing stability, happiness, wealth and longevity. 2. Avoid menstrual movement: female homeowners should calculate the menstrual cycle. If they have menstruation on the day of moving, try not to participate in moving. They can't live in their new house until their menstruation is over, otherwise it's very unlucky.

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