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What are the good days for entering the house in September of the lunar calendar in 2020

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in our life, moving to a new house is also known as entering the house, and the most important thing to note in entering the house includes the time of entering the house. What is the good day of entering the house in 2020 according to the lunar calendar? What are the good days in September 2020? Let's take a look with the old yellow calendar!

2020年农历九月入宅的好日子 哪些日子是好日子

a good day to enter the house in September 2020 in the lunar calendar. On October 18, 2002, the second day of September in the lunar calendar, Sunday, Chong rat (E) Shabei [today's best]: marriage engagement, engagement sacrifice, blessing, decoration, moving into the house and marriage [today's taboo] : commencement of burial and opening of the market

on October 26, 2002, on Monday, the tenth day of September in the lunar calendar, Chonghou (bingshen) Shabei [today's appropriate]: Wedding sacrifice, praying for the offspring to go out of the fire, demolition, commencement of trading, house moving and opening [today's taboo] : cooking stove, plastic painting, funeral, lawsuit, logging and burial


November 8, 2002, Sunday, September 23, the lunar calendar, Chongji (Jiyou) Shaxi [today's best]: bathing, lifting the engagement, engagement, tailoring, decoration, moving into the house, removing clothes, starting drilling [today's taboo] : make a stove to sacrifice Shangliang travel


on November 11, 2002, on Wednesday, September 26, the lunar calendar, Chong rat (Renzi) Sha Bei [what's appropriate today]: engaged to decorate the earth, erect the column to sacrifice Shangliang, pray for blessings, fasting, worship, get married and move into the house [what's forbidden today] : the opening of


for medical treatment and burial: the above contents are sorted out from the traditional yellow calendar. It is recommended to further select auspicious days by combining personal knowledge of five elements, eight characters, likes and dislikes, etc. for more details, you can select the following [auspicious day for entering the house] to obtain a more accurate auspicious day for entering the house.

2020年农历九月入宅的好日子 哪些日子是好日子

housewarming blessing 1. Sanyang Rizhao safe house, with five lucky stars near the Jiqing gate. 2. The grand plan is to develop the prosperous house, and Taiyun is always near the rich family. 3. Qiao Zhai is happy, and heaven, earth and people are happy together; Xinju Rong, fulushou Quanrong. 4. It is an auspicious day to move the house and live in peace for a long time. 5. Auspicious clouds surround the new family, and the red sun comes to the happy family. 6. Laugh and celebrate the housewarming.

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