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The Yellow calendar selection of entering the house November 14, 2020 lunar September 29, will the family be lucky

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There are many precautions for

to enter the house, which will affect our luck. It's not easy to earn money to buy a house. If we live in the house, it will affect our luck, which will outweigh the loss. Therefore, go to the old yellow calendar to inquire about a good auspicious day of entering the house and determine a good time to move again, which will be good for the future. Then move on November 14, 2020, What about our home games?

入宅黄历精选 2020年11月14日阴历九月二十九家运好吗

November 14, 2020 lunar calendar query: September 29, 2020 (small), Ganzhi: Dinghai in the year of gengzi, Xinyou zodiac: belonging to the rat Constellation: Scorpio, Constellation: Fang Su (Fang Ritu) The Twelve Gods of the stars: opening the throne month five elements: the earth on the house is on duty: rosefinch (underworld day) Chong Sha: Chong rabbit [Zheng Chong Yi Mao] Sha Dong Peng Zu's hundred taboos: Xin is not suitable for sauce, the master does not taste unitary, does not entertain guests, is drunk and crazy, and today's harm: today's half three harmony with cattle and snakes, six harmony with dragons, confrontation with rabbits, harm with dogs, and chicken (self punishment) relative punishment.

入宅黄历精选 2020年11月14日阴历九月二十九家运好吗

selected by the Yellow calendar of entering the house on November 14, 2020, lunar September 29, will the family be lucky? What's appropriate today: move to get married, enter the house, get a certificate and install a bed. What's taboo today: break the ground, get engaged and bury, break the ground

It can be seen from the old yellow calendar that November 14, 2020, September 29 of the lunar calendar is suitable for entering the house. Tips on entering the house: the above old yellow calendar is the basis of traditional entering the house. If you want to accept the joy of moving in, blessing the house and full of gold and jade, you can select [entering the house auspicious day] below for more details to understand the good days of entering the house consistent with your own destiny.


Extended reading: instructions for entering the house 1. When entering the house, you should be present in person. Don't just entrust people to help move. If you move in person, you will know how to take and put things. 2. Entering the house is a transfer of people's aura. Therefore, you need to use new pillows to open the door and enter the house according to the number of family members, and place them separately according to your personal beds. New ones in Hong Kong, China and overseas Chinese in Gabor and other places also put an envelope in the pillow with 138 yuan in it, which means "hair for life" and shows good luck.

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