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Selection of the Yellow calendar for entering the house November 16, 2020 the second National Games in the early October of the lunar calendar are booming

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actually, there are differences between entering the house and moving. Moving pays more attention to the handling of goods, while entering the house is more certain that people live in the house, so it still needs to be distinguished. How to select this date? Generally, it should be queried on the old yellow calendar. If you can determine the date with the eight characters of your birthday, it is a perfect auspicious day for entering the house, So what about November 16, 2020?

入宅黄历挑选 2020年11月16日农历十月初二运势旺不旺

November 16, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: the second day of October, 2020 Gregorian calendar: November 16, 2020 (Monday) opposition: Pig RI Chong (Ding SI) snake Sui Sha: Sui Sha West God of wealth: due south value God: Gou Chen (underworld day) today's fetal God: occupying a room and bed Outer southeast happiness God: Southeast blessing God: Northeast wealth God: due south Jianxing: auspicious time of establishment: Mao time 5:00-6:59 Constellation: Southern Zhang Yuelu - auspicious Yang God: Southeast Yin God: due east

入宅黄历挑选 2020年11月16日农历十月初二运势旺不旺

The second day of October of the lunar calendar on November 16, 2020 is the best time to enter the house. What should be avoided today: don't take what should be avoided today for the rest of the sacrificial ceremony: it's not suitable to


to query the old lunar calendar. It can be seen that the second day of October of the lunar calendar on November 16, 2020 is not suitable for entering the house. Tips for good luck: the above contents should be avoided are sorted out from the general book of the traditional lunar calendar, It is suggested to combine the eight characters of the house owner's and his family's birthday, five elements of yin and yang to avoid the harmful and adverse day. For more details, you can select the [auspicious day of entering the house] below to know the auspicious day of entering the house in line with your own destiny.


expand reading: Notes on the day of entering the house 1. Don't be angry or swear on the day of entering the house, speak more auspicious words and do auspicious things. 2. In addition to opening fire when entering the door, it means that life is booming. In addition, it's better to have a lively first meal. You can also invite relatives and friends to come home for the first meal. If the first day is too chaotic, you can also postpone it for a few days, but this process must be. This can increase the popularity of the new home and bring good family luck.

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