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Is it good to choose November 27, 2020 as the auspicious day to move on October 13 of the lunar calendar

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can enter the house every day if they want to enter the house, but it's just a matter of good luck after moving in, and the smooth process of entering the house. If they don't care, they can move whenever they want, but some people will like to see the auspicious day of entering the house. Then come and check the old yellow calendar quickly, Is it good to move on November 27, 2020?

入宅吉日选择 2020年11月27日农历十月十三搬有好处吗

November 27, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: October 20 (big) 13th branch: the year of gengzi, the month of Dinghai, the day of Jiaxu, zodiac: rat Constellation: Sagittarius, stars: Pleiades (Pleiades chicken) The Twelve Gods of this life: close the position, month and five elements: the earth on the house is on duty: the golden chamber (Zodiac day) Chong Sha: Chong Long [Zheng Chong Wu Chen] Sha Bei Peng Zu's hundred taboos: a doesn't open the warehouse, the garrison doesn't eat the dog and go to bed. Today's joint harm: today's half three with the horse, six with the rabbit, collide with the dragon and harm the chicken, With cattle and sheep.

入宅吉日选择 2020年11月27日农历十月十三搬有好处吗

is it good to move on October 13 of the lunar calendar on November 27, 2020? Today's appropriate: decoration, opening, marriage license and commencement of work today's taboo: moving into the house and making ground for travel

check the old yellow calendar, On November 27, 2020, October 13 of the lunar calendar is not suitable for entering the house and other matters. Tips for entering the house: the above contents only refer to the Yellow calendar, do not match your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, you can select [entering the house auspicious day] below to learn the auspicious time of Qiao Qian Liangchen, which is in line with your own destiny. It's best to move in the morning. If the sun has set, don't move again. It doesn't affect moving the next day, but it's unlucky to move in the evening and return late. It's easy for the owner to work. Therefore, it is best to stay in the new house in the morning or noon on the day of moving, but we must catch up before sunset in the afternoon. This needs to be paid attention to. 2. When moving, it is inevitable that there will be some sharp tools such as knives or scissors. When moving, you must pay attention to these things. Try to wrap them with red cloth or put them in the box instead of exposing them to the outside, which is easy to attract ferocious gas.

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