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Is it appropriate to choose December 2, 2020, October 18 of the lunar calendar

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people who pay attention to the sense of ceremony will pay more attention to the date. Some special dates can do some special things. In fact, there are dates for entering the house. You can know by querying the old yellow calendar that some days belong to the auspicious day of entering the house. You can get a better luck on this day. Is December 2, 2020 an auspicious day?

入宅老黄历选择 2020年12月2日农历十月十八合适吗

December 2, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: October 18, 2020 Gregorian calendar: December 2, 2020 + Wednesday, Ganzhi: gengzi year + Dinghai month + Jimao day opposition: rabbit day opposition (Guiyou) Jisuisha: suisha, Xixi God of happiness: Northeast God of fortune: Zhengbei God of wealth: Zhengbei Pengzu Baiji: you don't break the coupon and die. Mao doesn't wear the well. The water spring doesn't smell. Today's joint harm: today's half three with sheep, half three with pigs, six with dogs, clash with chickens, harm with dragons, and punish rats.

入宅老黄历选择 2020年12月2日农历十月十八合适吗

is it appropriate to choose December 2, 2020, October 18 of the lunar calendar? Today's appropriate: move and start business, get married and get a certificate to enter the house. Today's taboo: decorate the ground and place a bed, travel and bury tourism

check the old yellow calendar, On December 2, 2020, October 18 of the lunar calendar is suitable for entering the house and other matters. Tips on entering the house: the contents of the old yellow calendar above are the basis of traditional entering the house. If you want to accept the joy of moving, Fulin house and gold and jade, you can select [entering the house auspicious day] below for more details to understand the good days of entering the house in line with your own life.

expand reading: the elements of entering the house "fire nunnery" fire nunnery is an ancient tradition when moving into the house, that is, three days before moving into the new house, the lights in the house should be on all the time, and the Yang of the lights should be used to make the house full of Yang. During the fire nunnery, things can be moved to the new house one after another, and some cooking utensils should be moved in first, but the bed (if there is a new bed, you don't have to manage it) or bedding can't be moved in first, and your original gods can't be moved in first.

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