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The auspicious day of entering the house is selected. Is December 28, 2020 the 14th day of the lunar winter

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want to have a lucky house, we need to do some lucky things. For example, we put things to suppress Feng Shui in the house, and select a lucky day to enter the house on the old yellow calendar. When we enter the house on the auspicious day, this will make our future wealth fortune rise. What about the fortune on December 28, 2020, Let's check it quickly.

入宅吉日精选 2020年12月28日农历冬月十四行吗

December 28, 2020 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar date: Monday, December 28, 2020 rat lunar calendar date: November 2020 (small) Fourteen constellations: Capricorn age: gengzi year, e month, Yisi day, today's fetal God Zhanfang: East of the grinding machine room, today's auspicious God should tend to: the virtue of the moon keeps the sun, the grace of the moon, the Golden Chamber of the four phase jade hall, the blessing of the heavenly witch, today's ferocious God should avoid: Nine Jiao is tired of flaunting nine empty nine ridges, value day: Xuanwu (underworld day) Chong Sha: Chong pig [Zheng Chong Ji Hai] Sha Dong Peng Zu's taboo: B does not plant a thousand plants, has not traveled far, and has hidden the property. Today, it is harmful: today, it is half three with a chicken, six with a monkey, it is harmful with a pig, it is harmful with a tiger, and it is punishable with a tiger and a monkey.

入宅吉日精选 2020年12月28日农历冬月十四行吗

auspicious day of entering the house selected December 28, 2020 is it OK to go on the 14th day of the lunar winter? What's appropriate today: decorate, get married, get a license, move to the ground and install a bed. What's taboo today: move into the house, start to travel and bury

according to the old yellow calendar, On December 28, 2020, the 14th day of the lunar winter is not suitable for entering the house and other matters. Tips on entering the house: the above contents should not be sorted out from the general book of the traditional yellow calendar. It is suggested to combine the eight characters of the birthday of the owner and his family, the five elements of yin and Yang, and avoid the day of overcoming punishment and disadvantages. For more details, you can select the [auspicious day of entering the house] below to know the auspicious day of entering the house in line with your own destiny.


expand the reading: the farmers' calendar Association of knowledge on auspicious days writes, "according to the principle of choosing a day, it is difficult to seek good fortune and avoid bad luck by checking the farmers' calendar. Because according to the method of choosing a day for relocation, the first thing to consider when moving is that the life of the family should not conflict with the day, and the sitting direction of the new house should also be considered...". Therefore, in fact, the general auspicious day can only be predicted from the aspects of climate, but it is not necessarily suitable for individuals.

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