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The auspicious day of entering the house is selected. Is January 16, 2021 the fourth day of the twelfth lunar month OK

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want to live in a good house and choose a good auspicious day for entering the house. Many people now rent a house and finally spend a lot of money to buy a house. If the house is uncomfortable or weighs on their own fortune because of the wrong day of entering the house, it's not worth it. So come to the old yellow calendar and check what day it's better to move, How about January 16, 2021?

入宅吉日精选 2021年1月16日农历腊月初四行吗

January 16, 2021 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar date: Saturday, January 16, 2021 rat lunar calendar date: December 20 (big) Fourth day of the Lunar New Year: Capricorn age: gengzi year, ugly month, Jiazi day, today's fetal God Zhanfang: Southeast outside zhanmen Dui, today's auspicious God should tend: the natural doctor will not be the linri Sanhe Tianxi mother warehouse, today's ferocious God should avoid: chongri Yuanwu siqiongchong Sha: chongma (Wuwu) Sha Nan

入宅吉日精选 2021年1月16日农历腊月初四行吗

The lucky day for entering the house is January 16, 2021, the fourth day of the twelfth lunar month. What's suitable for today: start business, get engaged and bury Shangliang. What's taboo today: move, decorate, get married and get a certificate to enter the house


, On January 16, 2021, the fourth day of the twelfth lunar month on the lunar calendar is not suitable for entering the house. Tips on entering the house: the above content only refers to the Yellow calendar, does not match your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, you can select [entering the house auspicious day] below to find out the auspicious time of moving in line with your destiny. Extended reading of


: according to the custom of moving into the house, it is generally necessary to move into the new house before 12 a.m. after moving in, a pair of firecrackers should be hung at the door of the house, just as the shops need to set off firecrackers now. It is a notice that we should start a new life here, but now firecrackers are easy to cause fire, So we won't let off firecrackers.

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