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The auspicious day of entering the house is January 30, 2021. How about the 18th day of the twelfth lunar month

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in real life, we can't casually enter other people's homes, because it's not only impolite, but also may violate the law, so we must give notice in advance when visiting others to avoid embarrassing both sides. In fact, in the old calendar, even if you move into your new house, you pay attention to it, otherwise it may affect your fortune, so you have the choice of a lucky day.

入宅吉日择选 2021年1月30日农历腊月十八好不好

January 30, 2021 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: Saturday, January 30, 2021 A.D. lunar calendar: December 2020 (large) Eighteen branches: the year of gengzi, the month of self ugliness, the day of Wuyin, the zodiac: belong to the rat Constellation: Aquarius, the star: pangsu, the fetal God, Zhan Fang: outside the room, bed and toilet, due south Chong Sha: Chong Monkey (Renshen) Sha North 24 solar terms: Xiao Han (January 5) Da Han (January 20) Liu Yao: Da'an year five elements: Bi Shangtu month five elements: thunderbolt fire year old Sha: year old Sha North

入宅吉日择选 2021年1月30日农历腊月十八好不好

The auspicious day for entering the house is January 30, the 18th day of the twelfth lunar month. What's suitable for today: moving to start business, entering the house and starting travel. What's taboo today: decorating, getting married, getting a license, moving to the ground and getting engaged. According to the old yellow calendar, January 30, 2021 is suitable for entering the house on the 18th day of the twelfth lunar month. Tips for choosing a lucky home: the above content only refers to the Yellow calendar, does not match your eight characters, and may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, you can select [lucky home day] below to find out the auspicious time for relocation that fits your destiny. Expansion of


: auspicious words for entering the house in our traditional customs, everyone likes to get good blessings at the time of celebration, and whether they are themselves or others, they will say some auspicious words. Let's take a look at the auspicious words for entering the house: 1. Today is a good day, and the owner moves into a new house. 2. The new house is luxurious and unique.

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