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The auspicious day for entering the house is February 19, 2021. The eighth day of the first lunar month is auspicious and unlucky

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moves into a new house, we will make a lot of preparations, including the selection of the auspicious day of entering the house. Moreover, because everyone wants to have a smooth future, we don't want to let go of any details, so we have more troublesome preparation in advance. Next, we will learn about the choice of auspicious days. Then, please read the old yellow calendar below for your interpretation.

入宅吉日择选 2021年2月19日农历正月初八吉不吉利

February 19, 2021 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: Friday, February 19, 2021 lunar calendar: January 1, 2021 (small) The eighth day belongs to niuganzhi: Gengyin month of xinchou year, 1898 day Constellation: Pisces fetal God Zhanfang: Gate chicken habitat, southwest gods location: joy God: Southeast blessing God: due north God of wealth orientation: due North Chong Sha: dog RI Chong (ren Chen) long Sha North Star: Zui Su (mouth fire monkey) Hetu Luoshu: Babai - Taiyin star (earth) -Auspicious God

入宅吉日择选 2021年2月19日农历正月初八吉不吉利

the auspicious day for entering the house is February 19, the eighth day of the first lunar month. Auspicious and unlucky today: starting school and going to work on the vertical column to enter the house and getting the certificate on the upper beam. Today's taboo: pray for planting fasting rituals. According to the old yellow calendar, February 19, 2021 is suitable for entering the house on the eighth day of the first lunar month. Tips for choosing a good day to stay at home: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis for the traditional choice of a good day to stay at home. If you want to accept the joy of moving to a new home, be happy to stay at home and be full of gold and jade, you can select the [auspicious day to stay at home] below for more details to understand the good days to stay at home that are consistent with your own destiny.


expansion: the fashionable mix and match style of house decoration is popular and loved by the wage earners. In the interior layout, it not only tends to be modern and practical, but also absorbs the traditional characteristics, integrating ancient and modern China and the West in the decoration and furnishings. However, the mix and match should be appropriate in the design. Once the bearing limit of the mix and match house is exceeded, the overall indoor feeling will be very messy.

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