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How about going to the house on February 14 of the lunar calendar on March 26, 2021

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in reality, life cannot always be smooth sailing. Even if it is stable, there will be some twists and turns. Therefore, we should take precautions in advance to prevent being confused by problems. For example, when moving in, we should choose a new address and a suitable auspicious day in the preliminary work, so that we can handle things properly.

乔迁吉日速查 2021年3月26日农历二月十四入宅如何

March 26, 2021 yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: Friday, March 26, 2021, lunar calendar: February 14, 2021 (big) Ganzhi: Xin Mao month, Xin Chou year, GUI you day, zodiac: Bull Constellation: Aries, constellation: Zodiac (water worm) Fetal God Zhanfang: Chuansha in the southwest outside the room bed door: chongtu (Ding MAO) Shadong Julian day: 2459305.5 Lu: Youming mutual Lu

乔迁吉日速查 2021年3月26日农历二月十四入宅如何

Check the auspicious day of relocation quickly. How about February 14 of the lunar calendar on March 26? What's suitable for today: don't use today's taboo for major events: enter the house, get engaged, travel, marry, get a business license, decorate, move, crown hairpin and pray for blessings. It can be seen from the old yellow calendar that February 14 of the lunar calendar on March 26, 2021 is not suitable for entering the house. Tips for choosing a good day to stay at home: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis for the traditional choice of a good day to stay at home. If you want to accept the joy of moving to a new home, be happy to stay at home and be full of gold and jade, you can select the [auspicious day to stay at home] below for more details to understand the good days to stay at home that are consistent with your own destiny. Expansion of


: couplet 1. Good luck in moving into a new house; Move into the high-rise building, Fushou Ankang. 2. Relocation is a joy shared by heaven, earth and people; Xinju Rongfu Lushou Quanrong.

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