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Is it good or bad to enter a new house in the first month of 2021

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means that people want to move from the old residence to the new residence. This is a very important process and many aspects need to be considered. If you can choose a very suitable auspicious day to enter the house, it will be very good for your future life and fortune. On the contrary, if you ignore this, it is easy to have a bad impact.


is it good to enter a new house in the first month of 2021? In the past, people generally thought that it was not suitable to enter a house in the first month, because there was a saying among the people that "the land was not moved in the first month". But now people move into new homes, generally do not build large-scale construction, but will choose to move to new homes only after everything is ready, so now even in the first month, it is actually possible, even very good. Entering a house specifically refers to moving from an old house to a new house, and entering a house only when it belongs to its own real estate. Therefore, in addition to selecting the auspicious day, we also need to hold a series of activities such as entering the house to worship our ancestors, blessing God incense and so on. In addition, entering the house also requires relatives and friends to go to the new house for fun, which plays a role in bringing prosperity to the new house. Generally speaking, the more lively the new house is, the more prosperous the new house will be.


when entering the house, pay attention not to say hello to others. Remember not to talk on the phone or say hello to strangers. On the day of entering the house, the family shall not cry, lose their temper, beat and scold children. Try to say some auspicious words on the day of entering the house, such as "congratulations on getting rich and good luck". Before going to bed on the night of entering the house, you should lie down for about a few minutes, then get up and work. Don't go to sleep directly. This means that you have to get up again after sleeping. The same is true for children to sleep in a new bed, otherwise they are easy to get sick in the future. Don't take a nap on the day of entering the house, and don't take a nap in the new house, otherwise you will be easy to get sick in the future, especially when you are very tired, you will lack energy and easily feel sleepy. On the evening of entering the house, it is advisable to cook some sweet dumplings and desserts for the whole family to eat together, which means a family reunion and sweet. On the day of entering the house, it is advisable to boil some boiled water in the new house and blow the electric fan in all directions at home, implying that wind and water rise.

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