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How about entering the house on New Year's day in 2021? Is it an auspicious day to enter the house

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because the house is very important to everyone, the house price also rises. Many people may not be able to afford a house after struggling all their life. Therefore, it is not easy for modern people to buy a house, so they pay attention to it when entering the house. They hope to have good luck after entering the house, so the day of entering the house is also very important, How about entering the house on New Year's Day 2021?

2021年元旦入宅好吗 是入宅黄道吉日吗

New Year's Day 2021 old yellow calendar query Gregorian calendar: on Friday, January 1, 2021, Capricorn

[appropriate] migrate into the house to take weddings, fasting rituals, accept wealth for heirs, erect columns to plant and open warehouses to catch enrollment


[taboo] According to the date of the Yellow calendar, January 1, 2021, new year's Day is a good day to enter the house and is very suitable for moving.

2021年元旦入宅好吗 是入宅黄道吉日吗

what should we pay attention to when entering the house? When moving, it is inevitable that there will be some fierce and sharp tools such as knives or scissors. These things must be wrapped with red cloth or placed in the box as far as possible instead of being exposed to the outside, It's easy to attract ferocious spirit. When entering the new house, these ferocious things should also enter finally, otherwise it will damage the Feng Shui aura of the new house too early.


do not hold "house entry ceremony". It is easy to rush into a house without "house entry ceremony". Therefore, Xiaobian doesn't suggest that you live in temporarily without holding a "house entry ceremony".


the day they came into the house empty handed and moved, they must have some valuable things in their hands when they walked in for the first time.

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