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Is 2021 Valentine's Day suitable for entering the house? What should be paid attention to

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Valentine's day, many couples will go out. However, married couples may spend romantic Valentine's day at home. It is likely that they have changed their new house in advance. The husband may want to surprise his wife on this day, but is this day suitable for entering the house? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn more about it.

2021年情人节适合入宅么 需要注意什么事项

the auspicious day of entering the house on February 14, 2021 query on the third Sunday of the first lunar month on February 14, 2021 Aquarius chongzhusha East     Fetal God Zhanfang: occupy the room and bed. Beipeng Zu's Taboos in the room: Kui doesn't have a lawsuit. He doesn't travel far. Auspicious gods should tend to: Xiangri Baoguang and ferocious gods should avoid: the month harms the month's punishment. Travel to a bad day should: get married and go to office, accept money and land, get a certificate, collect treasure, accept marriage, repair roads, ask for heirs and Betrothals. Taboo: enter the house, open the market, bury, open the drill, open the bridge, erect the column, decorate the livestock planting Festival From the Yellow calendar above, this day in 2021 is not suitable for entering the house. People who want to enter the house can choose a more appropriate time again.

matters needing attention when entering the house 1. It is appropriate to take auspicious days and auspicious hours at home. Remember not to offend the head of the house and the mother of the house. 2. When the moon breaks, the sun and the sun collide with each other. Don't use it after noon. 3. Don't rush into the mountain, don't commit three murders, don't commit old age break. 4. Those who rush to the age of day class should avoid (do not hold incense). 5. Three days before entering the house, it is suitable to sprinkle salt and rice on the corner of the new house, and keep the light on for 72 hours. It is best to point huanxiang in the palace for 72 hours. The window needs to be opened to make the mildew leave (turn the gas), and then choose the appropriate time to move. 6. When entering the house, the head of the house, the mother of the house and the family should enter in order with valuables. Remember not to enter empty handed. After you get started, you can sprinkle silver coins on the corner of the new house according to local customs. 7. On the morning of the day when you enter the house, you need to worship the God of heaven from the inside to the outside. In the afternoon, we need to worship the foundation Lord and go from the kitchen to the house. In the morning and afternoon, we need to open the windows and turn on the lights, which is suitable for Buddha music. 8. When entering a new house, fax the fire (the light is on continuously for at least 12 hours and more than 24 hours). 9. You can choose the same day or different times to settle incense and bed in your house. 10. If incense is installed in the house on the same day, install incense first, and then install furniture.

2021年情人节适合入宅么 需要注意什么事项

11. Do not cut off the incense within 12 days after incense installation, and the light should be bright. 12. When the stove is used for the first time, it is suitable for cooking sweet dumplings or beets, which represents peace and smoothness. 13. For the house where others have lived, we should wait until the previous people have moved all the furniture and repainted it as much as possible before moving in on an auspicious day. 14. If there are pregnant women at home, try not to move or nail. 15. Large objects can be moved in a few days before entering the house. Do not locate them for the time being, but wait for the auspicious time.

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