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Is it suitable to enter the house in the light cold season in 2020? What are the taboos

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The society before

was very particular about entering the house, especially the thing of entering the house. The older generation would choose to find some Feng Shui teachers in advance to calculate which day is more suitable for entering the house, so that it will not collide with the fortune of being the head of the family, but also a very perfect thing for the family. Is it suitable to enter the house in Xiaohan time in 2021? Is there anything to avoid?

2020年小寒时节适合入宅么 忌讳什么

yellow calendar inquiry of entering the house during the light cold time in 2020 lunar calendar November 22, 2020 lunar calendar Monday, January 5, 2021 Capricorn (Gregorian calendar) God of happiness: Southeast God of wealth: due North Peng zubaiji: e is not impacted by Tian Shen's restless bed: monkey richong (renyin) tiger [suitable for today's old yellow calendar] Open the drill, repair the grave, pray for blessings, sacrifice, beg for heirs, enter the house, ask for money, accept mining, go to office, marry, build the ground, migrate, accept money, erect the column, plant and open the market and set up the meridians     Building houses to catch fish [what is taboo in today's old yellow calendar] setting up beds, logging, receiving livestock, lifting medical treatment, breaking ground, funeral, burial and boating. From the Yellow calendar above, it is not suitable to enter the house in 2020. People who want to move can try to choose a more appropriate time.

2020年小寒时节适合入宅么 忌讳什么

taboos for entering the house 1. Can you go in before entering the house? No, it's very easy to rush into a house without a "house entry ceremony". Therefore, Dr. Zheng does not recommend that you live in temporarily without holding a "house entry ceremony". 2. The new house needs to be checked in recently. You don't need to fire. You just need to sleep in it. Can you not hold the house entry ceremony for the time being? A. as long as you stay in a new house, whether you open fire or not, it is considered a housewarming, because staying in a new house is essentially calculated from the first night. B. It is very important to hold the house entry ceremony. Although the house entry ceremony can be complex and simple, Dr. Zheng suggests that you should grasp some important principles, such as choosing a auspicious day to officially check in. C. The so-called auspicious day mainly refers to the day when the month, year and day do not contradict each other, the day does not contradict the belongings of the residents, the day does not contradict the house sitting on the mountain, and the day on the Yellow calendar does not avoid relocation. 3. When is the banquet after the moving ceremony? Can you entertain guests in your new house on that day? Guests can be entertained on the day of the "house entry ceremony". Neo Confucianism believes that guests can be entertained in the new house as long as the "house entry ceremony" is held. 4. People in Northeast China have the saying of greenhouse. Do they violate the taboo before the "house entry ceremony"? A. before the "house entry ceremony", Dr. Zheng suggested that it is best not to use people to warm the house, because it is easy to kill yourself and others in the house where the "house entry ceremony" is not held. B. if friends have the custom of warming the house before the local "house entering ceremony", Dr. Zheng suggested that all the electric lights in the house should be turned on 1 ~ 3 days before the "house entering ceremony", so that the electric lights can warm the house. People should not spend the night in the house. C. of course, after the "house entry ceremony", you can let your friends come to the greenhouse together.

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