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Is it suitable to enter the house in the cold of 2021? What's the stress

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entering the house is an important thing in life, just like children's college entrance examination. It is also an important turning point in their life. Only if they do well in the exam at this time, they can choose a good snow and their colleagues will have a beautiful future. Similarly, there is a certain emphasis on entering the house. Choosing a good time also plays a very important role in the fortunes of family members.

2021年大寒适合入宅么 有什么讲究

yellow calendar inquiry of entering the house during the cold weather in 2021 Gregorian calendar: Wednesday, January 20, 2021 A.D. Aquarius lunar calendar: God on December 8, 2020 → white tiger (Mafia day) years: year of gengzi, Zodiac rat, self ugly month Wu Chen day - what should be done today: accept the bride, recruit the husband, pray for blessings, fasting, pray for wealth, go to the post, ask for the upper beam of the column, go out, open the market, set up vouchers, seek wealth, govern the road, sacrifice and break the ground - what should not be done today: separate and migrate into the house, plant incense, dig canals, drain water, build houses, build bridges and build dikes From the Yellow calendar above, it is not suitable to enter the house in the cold time of 2021. Entering the house is a taboo on this day. People who want to enter the house need to choose a more appropriate time.

2021年大寒适合入宅么 有什么讲究

pay attention to entering the house. 1. It is necessary to choose a suitable time to move. There is a saying in Neo Confucianism that "auspicious places should be urged at a good time". Therefore, it is necessary to choose a good time. Usually when moving, it is suitable to choose "water" day. It is best not to use "fire" day. When Yang day is Yin, Yin day cooperates with Yang Chen. Dr. Zheng reminded: to choose a good auspicious day, we also need to see whether the auspicious day collides with the family Zodiac. If so, it should be adjusted; In addition, on the basis of choosing a day, we should also find out the specific appropriate time period of the day and determine the appropriate moving time. Usually, the move should be completed before 3 p.m., otherwise the night move may affect your luck. For specific dates, please refer to the "auspicious day of moving in 2009" below this article. Of course, it is best to refer to Dr. Zheng's business Feng Shui guide for high-end elites, which lists auspicious days, auspicious times and related relative taboos.

2. Choose a specific route suitable for moving. From the perspective of positional theory, moving should conform to the Xuankong divination theory of the coming way, so as to reduce many unnecessary disasters. For example, it is auspicious to move from the Yang divination to the Yin divination or move from the Yin divination to the Yang divination in the 24 mountains from garrison to B gankanggen, from Chen to Xin naixun to Li Kun to exchange the four Yin divination, from the Yang divination to the Yin divination or from the Yin divination to the Yang divination It's unlucky for yang to enter Yang. Dr. Zheng's popular saying is that friends should choose the route of moving and pay attention to avoiding certain directions and places, such as hospitals, churches, big iron towers, etc. It is really impossible to avoid passing through these places, so it is most appropriate to burn incense and sprinkle red paper when passing by. Some friends disagree. As a result, a lot of strange things will happen after moving.

3. If you want to choose a new pillow to move, Neo Confucianism believes that "joining" is the transfer of people's aura, so you need pillows to join first: use new pillows to open the door and enter the house according to the number of families, and place them separately according to personal beds. In Hong Kong, Singapore and other places, Chinese people still have envelopes in their pillows, containing 138 yuan, in order to figure out the meaning of "hair for life".

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