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Will it be a good day to move in on December 18, 2020

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China has a long history. Many people are more concerned about some traditional culture, so they will be ready in advance no matter what they do. For such a big event as entering the house, people are also prepared early. They will look forward to the auspicious day before moving in, and then move in at the most appropriate time, which can make the family full of good luck.

入宅4 (3)

how about moving into the house on the 18th of December 2020

[Gregorian calendar] January 30, 2021

[Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey)

[constellation] Capricorn

[lunar calendar] 18th of December 2020

[Yi] Open the drill, repair the grave, enter the house, recruit a redundant son-in-law, build a house, open the market, ask for heirs, offer sacrifices and pray, remove migration, accept money, plant on the beam of the vertical column, accept livestock, travel, herd, ask for money, seek medical treatment, open the light

[auspicious God should trend] on the auspicious day, the five Golden Chamber

of the jade hall in the auspicious period [Xingxiu] pheasant poem day: how do the stars do? There are many rich, glorious and happy events. Bury your temporary official position, and the couple will always be healthy. When marriage meets this family's wealth, three disasters and nine misfortunes do not meet him. Since then, there have been many auspicious occasions, and children have been worshipping money for generations.

[happiness God] Southeast

[blessing God] due north

[Peng Zu's Taboos] Wu is not affected by the ominous land owner, Yin does not sacrifice gods and ghosts, does

mean a good day for housewarming?

judging from the old yellow calendar of today, it is a good day for housewarming. If you need to choose auspicious things accurately and prosper, you can use the following "Auspicious day of entering the house" selection.

入宅2 (2)

what Feng Shui does the house have? Pay attention to

1. From the feng shui point of view, the diagonal position of the entrance door in the living room is considered to be the wealth position of the Ming Dynasty. If some auspicious objects for wealth and prosperity are placed in this position, on the one hand, it can generate wealth and gather wealth and forge wealth.

2. Water is wealth, and the flow of wealth is closely related to the flow of water. Water is flowing, so the accumulated water in the kitchen or bathroom will have a negative impact on wealth. Stagnant water is often the root cause of dirt and easy to produce foul gas.

3. In Feng Shui, water is wealth. If there is water at home, it symbolizes the rolling source of wealth. Placing a fish tank and raising several fish at home not only beautifies the environment, but also promotes wealth.

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