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Is December 20, 2020 a good day to enter the house? How about housewarming

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a person's luck will actually change, just like those days in the Yellow calendar. It may change every day, which is the importance of a good or bad day. It is necessary for us to choose an auspicious day. An auspicious day can bring good luck and help us move in smoothly.


how about moving on December 20, 2020

[Gregorian calendar] February 1, 2021

[Zodiac] rat Chong (dog)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] December 20, 2020

[appropriate] Pray for marriage, start the land, travel, migrate to office, accept money, enter the house, open the market and make a bed as a stove, accept the burden, accept the son-in-law's fasting ceremony, bury him, ask for the heir, sign a voucher on the vertical column, beg for money, rule the road, and sacrifice


[eight characters and five elements] Jinshui, earth, gold, earth, fire and water


[Xingxiu] Bi Yue Wushi day: Bi Xing creates the master's double integrity, and can buy millet money in the countryside. Buried this day, he added an official position, and the field silkworm became mature in Yongfeng year. Opening the door and releasing water are auspicious, and the whole family is safe. If marriage still falls on this day, children will have a happy life.

[mutually harmful] rabbit

[mutually broken] cow

[mutually punishing] horse, sheep

[Peng Zu's Taboos] Geng does not have meridians and looms. If he does not cry, he will be in heavy mourning.

is a good day to enter the house? In the

calendar, today is a good day to enter the house. The auspicious day of entering the house with five blessings is about the birth of eight characters, The following "auspicious day of entering the house" can be combined with eight characters to choose the zodiac day with both good fortune and good fortune.

入宅 3

precautions for moving to a new house

1. The bedroom pattern should be square, not inclined or polygonal. The oblique edge is easy to cause the illusion of line of sight, and the multi angle is easy to cause oppression. You can use the screen as a partition to resolve it.

2. Try not to let the house hang in the air. When living in a suspended unit, it is easy to feel uneasy and restless, and therefore there will be hasty wrong decisions.

3. It's not good to have a corner in the house. There are eight trigrams corresponding to the eight directions of the house in Yi Li. Any lack of angle or deficiency in any direction will bring devastating harm to the corresponding family members.

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