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How about the date of entering the house on December 28, 2020

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people may have the experience of buying a house in their life. No matter who the house is, it is very important. Therefore, for those who have bought a house, it is very important to choose a suitable day to enter the house, which is very key. Because a lucky day may bring more blessings to this new home and make our stay more smooth.


how about moving on December 28, 2020

[Gregorian calendar] February 9, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (horse)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] December 28, 2020

[appropriate] Go to the fasting Festival, accept the opening of the city, seek medical sacrifices, pray for blessings, ask for heirs, plug the acupoints, set up vouchers, accept wealth


[avoid] get married and return to Ning, go out to build a crown hairpin house, build land, buy property, break land, build dikes, discharge water, acupuncture, funeral and burial, migrate to the house, erect columns


[stars] winged fire snake poem day: the winged stars are unfavorable to the high hall, and the plague can be seen in three years and two years. If the burial still falls on this day, children will surely go abroad. Marriage is not profitable today. It's not fair to go home. Open the door to release water, the home must be broken, and the girl loves flowers and covets foreigners.

[God of fortune] due north

[God of wealth] due north

[Peng Zu's Taboos] Wu is not affected by the misfortune of the farmland owner, and his son does not ask for divination. How about the

entering the house? From the perspective of the Yellow calendar,

today is not an auspicious entering the house. The auspicious place and good time are urged. The good day is closely related to the eight characters. At the end of the article [auspicious day for staying in the house] you can choose the best day by combining the eight characters of your birthday.

入宅 5

what are the important things when you move into the house, such as moving a bed and TV, and small personal belongings. Carry important belongings with you. Tell the workers to count the belongings when you check out and ask for invoices or receipts after you check out.

2. When entering the house, we also need to pay attention to whether there are people with the same Zodiac. Traditional rationalism also believes that the best Zodiac for moving help is a chicken or dragon, and those who belong to a tiger try to avoid.

3. When entering the house, if there is a deity at home, we should move in in in advance and worship once. This is respect for the deity and protect the family in peace and good weather.


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