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Is it a good day to enter the house on December 29, 2020

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China is a country with traditional culture. Many people believe in Feng Shui. They think that whether a family has good luck or not is closely related to this. So they will choose an auspicious day when they enter the house, which will bring good luck to the family and be very beneficial to their future work development.

入宅5 (3)

is December 29, 2020 a good day?

[Gregorian calendar] February 10, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (sheep)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] December 29, 2020

[appropriate] Recruit a son-in-law to beg for money, sacrifice, travel, crown hair, go to school, ask for people

[avoid] set up a bed, break the earth, go to funeral, build a land, buy property, build a dike, discharge water and seek medical treatment to accept, pray for blessings, ask for heirs to ship, lift the beam and upright post, lift the drill, break the marriage, enter the house, live in a separate boat

[eight characters and five elements] gold, earth, gold, wood, earth, wood and water

[stars] Water worm Poetry Day: the Dragon Palace was built near the water by the star. It was an official for generations and was sealed by the emperor. Wealth and honor increase longevity and wealth, and the Treasury is full and the warehouse is full from Changlong. Wen Xing is buried to take care of and help. The house is peaceful without evil. As an official, he was favored by the emperor, and the marriage dragon came out of the Dragon Palace.

[mutual harm] Ma

[mutual destruction] dragon

[mutual punishment] sheep, dog

[Peng zubaiji] they have not broken the coupons and died at the same time. They are ugly and do not return home with their owners.

is it great good for them to enter the house?

it is not suitable to enter the house in the Yellow calendar today. It is suggested to choose another auspicious day, If you need a good day for your family, you can find it in the [auspicious day of entering the house] below.

入宅4 (3)

it is advisable to avoid

1. Before entering the house, there is a particularly important thing that must not be forgotten, which is the top priority. That is, on the afternoon of the day of moving, we should worship the foundation owner, that is, the house God of each house, and ask him to bless and not disturb the people living here.

2. There are different worship rituals in different regions. Different rituals of worshiping gods and burning incense can be selected according to different places.

3. In the traditional custom of entering the house, all the lights in the house should be turned on until the next day on the night of entering the house, so as to keep the house alive. If you pay attention to it, it should be appropriate to light all the lights for three days and three nights, which can achieve the effect of flourishing the house.

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