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Is it appropriate to move into the house on the fifth day of the first lunar month of 2021

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moving into the house is very common in our life. Everyone may experience such things in his life. Even some people who have not moved know that entering the house needs to choose a auspicious day, not only because it is a custom handed down by the ancients, but also for their family to have a good fortune.

入宅5 (3)


[Gregorian calendar] February 16, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (ox)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] the fifth day of January, 2021

[appropriate] Break the ground, open the drill, repair the grave, bury, pick, marry, recruit, offer sacrifices to the son-in-law, ask for the heir to lift the construction, plant the upper beam of the earth moving vertical column, install a bed, go through the well cover house, catch


[avoid] migrate into the house, worship, pray for blessings, release water, accept livestock, open the market, set up vouchers, ship goods, travel, separate positions,


[eight characters and five elements] gold, earth, gold, wood, earth, fire and water

[Xingxiu] fire tiger poem day at the tail: the tail star is created as the grace of the Lord, and wealth, honor and prosperity increase. It attracts wealth and treasures, and marries noble children and grandchildren in harmony. If it can be buried on this day, men and women will be happy. Open the door and release water to recruit the farmland and residence, and spread the name from generation to generation.

[God of joy] northwest

[God of wealth] northeast

[Peng zubaiji] B doesn't plant thousands of plants, and doesn't take poison gas into his intestines.

should he move into his house?

according to the Yellow calendar, today is not an auspicious day to enter the house. It's an auspicious day. A good day is closely related to the eight characters. At the end of the article [auspicious day of entering the house] can be selected in combination with the eight characters of his birthday.

入宅4 (3)

"What should be paid attention to when moving to a new house?"


"1. Matters needing attention when entering the house: all kinds of items can be moved in before the date of entering the house. However, important furniture should not be positioned first. It can be fixed on the day of entering the house. Stove should open an account after entering the house and cook sweet tea or dumplings for good luck."


"“ 2. Entering the house is a very new thing. The new house has a new atmosphere. On the day of entering the house, the whole family can't enter the house empty handed. They should enter the house with mascots, money and property in order.

3. Entering the house is a good omen and a happy event for the whole family to celebrate together. Red festive objects such as colorful heads, firecrackers and door couplets can be arranged around the gate to grab good luck.

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