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How about the day of entering the house on the sixth day of the first lunar month of 2021

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with the development of society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, so more and more people buy houses. For the newly bought house, we must choose an auspicious day to stay, because in the Chinese mind, entering the house needs to be very particular, so as to help the family bring more good luck and make their stay more smooth.

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how about the day of entering the house on the sixth day of the first lunar month in 2021

[Gregorian calendar] February 17, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (tiger)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] sixth day of the first lunar month in 2021

[appropriate] Get married and go to Nancai to open the market as a stove, break the ground, open the drill and repair the grave, remove the medical lawsuits and fasting sacrifices, ask for offspring, plant vouchers, break the house, take medicine, go boating, recruit nanson-in-law


[avoid] build the upper beam of the house on the meridians and collaterals, pray for nancaianmen to live separately, build earth and bed, close accounts, crown hairpins, bury vertical columns, buy property, release water, and let livestock travel and migrate


[eight characters and five lines] gold earth, gold wood, fire, gold earth and water

[stars] Jishui leopard poem day: Jixing is the creator of high strength and great prosperity year after year. It is auspicious to bury and repair graves, and the fields, silkworms, cattle and horses are all over the mountains. Open the door and release water to recruit fields and houses. The suitcases are full of gold and silver and the granaries are full of grain. Fuyin senior official plus Lu position, six relatives are abundant, happy and healthy.

[God of fortune] due east

[God of wealth] southwest

[God of duty] prison (underworld day)

[Peng zubaiji] C. If you don't repair the stove, you will see disaster. If you don't get into the house secretly, how about

housewarming? According to the Yellow calendar, today is not an auspicious housewarming day, A good day is closely related to the eight characters. At the end of the article, you can choose a good day in combination with the eight characters of your birthday.


what should we pay attention to when entering the house

1. Before entering the house, we will visit the gods. Is it a good day. Due to different directions, an Xiang and entering the house should be earlier than entering the house on different auspicious days.

2. Entering the house is a great joy. On such an important day as entering the house and breaking the ground, it is most taboo to choose a weekend and move into the house for convenience.

3. The matter of entering the house is also very exquisite. Before entering the house, you must choose a suitable auspicious day and auspicious hour according to the eight characters of the birthday of the owner or the actual resident of the house, and consider the likes and dislikes of the family. It can not only prosper the house and prosper the family, but also improve the fortune of the family.

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