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On the eighth day of the first lunar month of 2021, should the old yellow calendar move into the house and move to a new house

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in ancient times, people attached great importance to traditional customs. Many things should be done according to the rules. Entering the house is a very important thing, so we must pay attention to many details. Generally speaking, we will choose an auspicious day to stay, which will have a beautiful meaning and bring some good luck to the family.

入宅3 (2)

is it appropriate for the old yellow calendar to move into the house on the eighth day of the first lunar month in 2021

[Gregorian calendar] February 19, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (Dragon)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] eighth day of the first lunar month in 2021

[Yi] Na Cai marries, opens a house, builds a house, builds a vertical column, puts on a beam, accepts money, goes to office, makes a sacrifice, goes to school, tailors a ticket, seeks money, travels, migrates, seeks medical treatment


[avoid] planting fasting rituals in meridians, praying for blessings, buying livestock, buying a boat, saying a lawsuit


[auspicious God should tend to] the combination of Yang and De, heaven and happiness, and the order of the natural doctor


[eight characters and five lines] Gold earth, gold wood, earth, water

[stars] Niu Jinniu poem day: Niu xingzao is the main disaster, and the nine horizontal and three disasters cannot be pushed. The house is uneasy, the population is retreating, the field silkworm is unfavorable, and the owner is declining. Marriage is self destructive, and the valley of gold and silver is gradually gone. If you open the door and release water, cattle, pigs, sheep and horses will also be sad.

[three combinations]: horse, tiger

[six combinations] rabbit

[three meetings] horse, tiger

[God of fortune] due north

[God of wealth] due north

is it suitable to move into a new house

today is a good time to move into a house. If you want to refer to the eight characters to choose the best auspicious day with five lines, The following "auspicious day of entering the house" can check the date that coincides with you.

入宅 2

precautions for moving to a new house

1. After entering the house, everyone has general requirements and good wishes. Some hope to make the house prosperous on the basis of peace, some hope that the cause of fame and fame can stand out as desired, and their children and grandchildren are healthy, intelligent and promising.

2. It has been proved that busy moving will have a negative impact on residential fortune. Therefore, if you can pay attention to the following precautions when moving, not only the relocation process can be smooth and smooth, everything is safe and auspicious, but also take this opportunity to create an auspicious good house luck and prosper the good luck of the whole family!

3. According to the traditional custom of entering the house in China, it is necessary to clean the house before entering the house. One day before entering the house, prepare coarse salt, water or Baijiu, dissolve salt water, and spread it from inside to the gate, hand or wicker, and read "dirty air out of good luck". Spread it to the gate. Finally, use sandalwood in Jingzhai once.

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