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On the ninth day of the first lunar month of 2021, how about moving into a new house

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a person's fortune plays a very important role in his own development. If a person has good luck, he will do things very smoothly. Entering the house is a very important thing. It is particularly important to choose a auspicious day, which can bring them good luck and help their life.

入宅2 (3)

how about moving in on the ninth day of the first lunar month in 2021

[Gregorian calendar] February 20, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (snake)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] ninth day of the first lunar month in 2021

[appropriate] He recruited his son-in-law to enter the house for sacrifice, fasting, praying, building vouchers, building houses, capturing and planting


[avoid] repairing graves, burying and planting beds, logging Shangliang, accepting livestock, marrying and migrating to any post, starting drilling, traveling through meridians, breaking ground and opening up the market


[auspicious gods should tend] the six in five rich in the mother warehouse do not use the Sacred Heart


[evil spirits should be avoided] Hekui destroys the evil spirit and talks about


[eight characters] Xin Chou Geng Yin's Jiazi


[eight characters and five elements] gold earth, gold wood, earth, water, wood and water


[stars] female earth bat Poetry Day: female stars are pretending to damage mother-in-law, and brothers are like tigers and wolves. Burial brings disasters, ghosts and ghosts, and evil diseases lead to plague. Because of the loss of official wealth, you can't drain profits and linger. Open the door and release water. On this day, the family's wealth is scattered and the Lord leaves his hometown.

[God of happiness] northeast

[God of blessing] due south

[God of wealth] due north

[God of Yang] due north

[Peng zubaiji] he has not broken the coupons and died. He will not marry the groom.

how about moving to a new house.

today is a good time to move into the house, If you want to refer to the best auspicious day with eight characters and five lines, you can check the auspicious day of entering the house below.

入宅 1

Feng Shui of entering the new house pays attention to

1. The house purification ceremony of Wugu house purification method will be more complex. The grains and miscellaneous grains are evenly mixed and installed. Open all the doors and windows of the room, throw grains at the door from the room, and say: there is a master of the house. Please tell the four sides that they should leave and go when they come.

2. After entering the house, you can use the five grains net house method. So, what does grain mean to entering the house? Cereals and cereals are provided for generations. The house God returns to his place and avoids idleness! Sprinkle until you enter the door.

3. There are also corresponding rituals to worship gods. After the incense is inserted, it's best to retreat outside. If it's inconvenient, you can stay indoors, but don't make a noise. After the incense is burned out, close all doors and windows, and then the offerings can be sprinkled.

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