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Will it be a good day to move into the house on the twelfth day of the first month of 2021

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entering the house is not only a grand thing, but also a very happy thing for a family. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a good day to stay, because an auspicious day implies a better future and can bring them good luck. Therefore, choosing the date has become an important task before entering the house.

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how about moving into the house on the 12th of the first month of 2021

[Gregorian calendar] February 23, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (monkey)

[constellation] Aquarius

[lunar calendar] 12th of the first month of 2021

[Yi] Marry nacai Kaishi, set up a bed as a stove, repair a grave, remove clothes, sacrifice, fasting, worship, amnesty, travel for money, go to school, ask people for


[avoid] crown hairpin, build a house, build land, buy property, break the earth, build a dike, discharge water and seek medical treatment, go to nacai, pray for blessing, ship, go to the upper beam, upright post, bury, start drilling, lift the migration, enter the house, and install a fragrant boat


[auspicious God should trend] Tiande, yuekong, the king of the sky, the sun and the storehouse of the sky want to install five harmonies and bark at


[ferocious and taboo] when the moon is built, the earth house goes to heaven to punish


[eight characters and five elements] gold earth, gold wood, water and wood, gold water


[stars] room fire pig poem day: the room star builds cattle into the field, and children and grandchildren approach the princes from generation to generation. Wealth and glory come from heaven, and life is like eight thousand years of Peng Zu. Open the door and release water to attract wealth and wealth, and marry and have expensive children. If the burial can be carried out on this day, the gate will be prosperous and blessed forever.

[Peng zubaiji] it's more difficult to guard against people who don't draw water. Yin doesn't sacrifice gods and ghosts. Isn't

an auspicious day for housewarming?

today is not a prosperous housewarming day. The best time to enter the house in fuze must be consistent with the fate of you and your family. The following [auspicious day of entering the house] can be matched for you.

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what to do before entering the house and what to pay attention to

1. According to Chinese folk traditional customs, firecrackers need to be set off before entering the house to show that evil spirits are dispelled and auspicious. People in Southern Fujian also believe that only when you have a good bed can you move. Therefore, you must install a bed on the day you enter the house, and other furniture can be moved early or late.

2. There are many factors to consider before entering the house, including the five elements of family life. The moving day should not conflict with the family's "Zodiac" and "rizhu" (the "Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches" of the Lunar birthday), especially with the owner's "rizhu".

3. Before entering the house, choose a lucky day, and determine the best time to enter the house within a lucky day. At the same time, we should also understand some taboos about entering the house. (Ziwu Chong, Chou weichong, Yin Shenchong, Mao youchong, Chen Xuchong, Si Haichong. Yin Si Shen Xing, Chou Xuchong, Zi Mao Xing, Chen Chen, Wu Wu, you you, Hai Hai self punishment.)

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