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How about moving on the 19th of the first month of 2021? Is it appropriate for the old Huang Li to enter the house

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a person's fortune is closely related to his future work development. Good fortune can help to some extent. Therefore, people care about this very much. Therefore, they will pay special attention to it when entering the house. They will choose a lucky day, so that they can have good luck when they check in. At the same time, it also means that life will be better in the future.


  How about moving on January 19, 2021

[Gregorian calendar] March 2, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (rabbit)

[constellation] Pisces

[lunar calendar] January 19, 2021

[appropriate] Cultivating graves, fasting festivals, praying for blessings, offering sacrifices, asking for heirs, entering the house for wealth, going to accept mining, marriage, building migration, accepting wealth, erecting beams, planting accepting livestock, catching fish, settling in beds, setting up coupons


[auspicious gods should trend] heaven's grace, Yin's virtue and blessing, in addition to God's bark,


[eight characters and five elements] gold earth, gold wood earth, gold wood water


[stars] Mouth fire monkey Poetry Day: mouth star is made to be sentenced to imprisonment, and it must be Lingding for three years. Many people died in burial. Therefore, Dingyin Nian was chosen to kill people. More than three bereavements are caused by this. One person takes medicine and poison two people. Every family and field has been defeated, and the gold and silver in the warehouse has turned into dust.

[blessing God] due south

[God of wealth] due north

[Yin noble God] southwest

[Yang noble God] due north

[Peng zubaiji] they have not broken the coupons and died together, and they are not entertaining guests, drunk and crazy

. Is it appropriate for old Huang Li to enter the house today

In the old yellow calendar, today is suitable for entering the house. The auspicious day of entering the house with five blessings at the door pays attention to the birth of eight characters. The following "auspicious day of entering the house" can be combined with eight characters to choose the zodiac day with both good fortune and good fortune.

入宅2 (2)

house entry customs and pay attention to

1. When entering the house, according to folk customs, it is necessary to open all windows and faucets for a few minutes to start the power of Feng Shui. (the so-called wind brings good luck. You can also take a bucket of water and blow the water with the electric fan high)

2. According to Chinese traditional customs, when entering the house, you need to invite guests to the house, indicating that you can prosper the new house and increase happiness. On the day of eating and entering the house, you can prepare Tangyuan dessert to entertain guests and pray for auspiciousness and perfection.

3. There are two things to pay attention to when entering the house. (there are two steps to do when entering the house, one is to set up a bed, the other is to light a fire and "turn on the newly bought gas stove to cook". At this time, you can cook sweet dumplings or vegetable soup, which bodes well ~)

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