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Will it be a good day to move in on January 20, 2021

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China is a country that pays attention to traditional culture. Everyone pays special attention to their own Feng Shui. In their opinion, the fortune of a family has a certain connection with this. Therefore, when they enter the house, they will choose a auspicious day, which will not only bring good luck to their families, but also conducive to the development of their work.


     How about moving into the house on January 20, 2021

[Gregorian calendar] March 3, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (Dragon)

[constellation] Pisces

[lunar calendar] January 20, 2021

[appropriate] Nacai marries Kaishi, builds houses, builds earth moving vertical columns, beams, accepts wealth, migrates for heirs and lawsuits, enters the house for sacrifice, attends school, tailors, sets up vouchers, seeks wealth, travels for medical treatment


[avoid] plant fasting rituals, pray for animals to settle in bed, buy property, go boating, break the ground and bury words litigation


[auspicious gods should tend] heaven's grace, Yang's virtue, heaven's joy, and heaven's doctor's order


[evil spirits should be avoided] the moon hates the earth fire and four strikes the great evil spirit Yin and error


[eight characters and five elements] gold earth, gold wood, gold earth fire water


[stars] Shenshui ape Poetry Day: Shenxing created a prosperous family, and the literary star shone brightly. Just because he created Tian Caiwang, he cried yellow sand. He opened the door to release water to increase his official position, and the house sun saw Tian Jia. His marriage may be punished, and men and women bloom and fall in the morning and evening.

[God of happiness] northwest

[God of wealth] southwest

[God of wealth] due east

[Peng zubaiji] Geng doesn't have his meridians, his loom is empty, he doesn't eat dogs and go to bed.

is today a good day for housewarming?

today is a good day for housewarming. If you want to refer to the best auspicious day with eight characters and five lines, you can check the auspicious day for housewarming below.


1. After entering the house, we pay special attention to the treatment of rice. When the rice bucket is full, put a red envelope in it, and put money in it, symbolizing that there is no shortage of food and clothing.

2. Since ancient times, the color of things needed for weddings and funerals is also particularly obvious. Obviously, entering the house is a particularly happy thing, and red paper needs to be pasted. For example, take food, oil, rice, bowls and chopsticks, paste red paper, take a piece of clothing from each member of the family, symbolically paste red paper, and then paste brooms or vacuum cleaners, which means you can have no worries about food and clothing

3. There are 34 provinces in China with different regions and different customs. However, most of the customs are officially settled only after the kitchen fires (cooking or boiling water). Therefore, this is also the rule in Feng Shui. Even if the pot is hot enough, the home will be settled.

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