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Is it a good day to enter the house on January 23, 2021

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some people struggle for one thing all their life, just like buying a house. Many people are working hard, hoping to buy a new house. Indeed, the role of a house is too great. Many people have worked hard for most of their lives to buy a house, so they will pay more attention to it. Therefore, when they enter the house, they will choose a lucky day, which can be regarded as a return for themselves and bring good luck to the family.

入宅 3

is the 23rd of the first month of 2021 a good day?

[Gregorian calendar] March 6, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (sheep)

[constellation] Pisces

[lunar calendar] 23rd of the first month of 2021

[Yi] Accept blessings, vegetarian rites, burial, accept wealth, ask for heirs, plant on the upper beam, seek medical treatment, sacrifice, mourn, plug, and set up vouchers


[avoid] migrate to the house, build incense, marry, go home to Ning, buy property, break the earth, build dikes, release water, open warehouses, acupuncture, accept livestock, erect columns to build houses


[auspicious gods should tend] Tianen Shiyang is angry, tiancang Jingan


[ferocious and taboo] five falsehoods, nine hollows, nine ridges, nine Jiao ground bags and eight specialties touch the water dragon to describe


[eight characters and five elements] gold soil, gold wood, water, soil and water


[stars] Liu tuzhang's poem day: Liu Xing was an official in charge of the Lord, and he had no time to rest day and night. He buried many diseases, and the countryside retreated to guard against the winter cold. He was blind when he opened the door and let the water out. His back was bent like a bow. He was more cautious about the stick punishment, and the women walked around with the guests.

[Peng Zu's taboo] Kui didn't talk about the lawsuit, the reason was weak, the enemy was strong, and he was ugly. He didn't bring the Lord back to his hometown.

is it a good luck to enter the house today


according to the Yellow calendar, today is not an auspicious day to enter the house. A good day is urged by a auspicious place and a good day is closely related to the eight characters. At the end of the article [auspicious day to enter the house] can be selected in combination with the eight characters of the birthday.


it is advisable to avoid and pay attention to


when entering the house "1. Before entering the house, the selected auspicious day also has a specific time period. Because it is sunny before 3 p.m. and overcast after 3 p.m., enter the house before sunset at the latest, and try to avoid entering the house at night."


“ 2. After entering the house, the worship ceremony also has a specific process. After entering the house, you need to move in the items in the house. The order of entering the door is particular. If the gods such as Buddha, Bodhisattva and God of wealth are enshrined in the house, please invite the gods into the door first, then burn three incense sticks, and tell the gods to settle here. Please give protection.

3. If there are no gods to worship at home, what should we do next? Then many furniture items should first move rice.

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