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Is it appropriate to move into the house on the 29th of the first month of 2021

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entering the house is very important for us with traditional culture, which is also a particularly festive thing. As we all know, many people believe in luck. Indeed, it has a certain impact on us, so no matter what we do, we will go to see the days first, which is more reassuring. Staying on a lucky day will help them and bring them good luck.

入宅 3


[Gregorian calendar] March 12, 2021

[Zodiac] Niu Chong (ox)

[constellation] Pisces

[lunar calendar] January 29, 2021

[Yi] Decoration, repair, certificate, marriage, Shangliang, marriage, Na Cai, sacrifice, vertical column, capture, set up a bed, get engaged, build a house, cross a well, plant


[avoid] move, celebrate, enter the house, open a warehouse, migrate, open a warehouse, set up a voucher, travel, ship, open a business, pray for livestock, Kaishi, Na Cai, start a business, separate


[eight characters and five elements] gold, earth, gold, wood, earth, wood and water


[Xingxiu] Kang Jinlong's poem day: Kang Xing made a long house. In ten days, the Lord will suffer. The land is wasted, the official is derelict, and it must be the tiger and wolf who joined the army. On this day of marriage, the children and grandchildren will keep the empty house. If the burial still happens on this day, the disaster Lord will be seriously injured.

[God of blessing] due south

[God of wealth] due north

[Peng zubaiji]

should we move into the house? According to the Yellow calendar, today is not an auspicious day to enter the house. A good day is closely related to the eight characters. At the end of the article [auspicious day to enter the house] can be selected in combination with the eight characters of the birthday.


Avoid and pay attention to


when entering the house. 1. Crows call and attract damage. Since ancient times, crows represent continuous bad luck. If crows fly into the house or often stand outside the house, the owner of the house should be careful in everything, otherwise it is easy to cause damage. It is advisable to make less travel plans in a short period of time.


2. The rooster corresponds to the rosefinch. He can only conquer the Yin spirit, not demons, nor can he recruit money, settle the house, gather luck, and block the evil spirit. But when the evil spirit comes, the rooster can report.

3. The cat is a symbol of good luck in ancient times. When a strange cat enters the door, don't drive it away, which indicates that the owner's luck will continue to rise, and it also indicates the arrival of wealth. At that time, there will be noble people to help and the wealth will roll.

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