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Auspicious day of the Yellow calendar: how about January 19, 2021? Is it suitable for entering the house

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entering the house is a celebration for us. We pay great attention to such events, so we will be ready early. Generally speaking, they will choose an auspicious day to check in, because only in this way can they make their family fortune better and prepare for their future life.


date of entering the house on January 19, 2021 query [Gregorian calendar] January 19, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (chicken) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] seventh day of December, 2020 [appropriate] treasure to attract Na's son-in-law to travel, plant words to enter the house, start drilling, remove clothes, bury, ask for offspring, feed and cut clothes and meridians [taboo] fasting, praying, offering sacrifices, upper beam, vertical column, anmen, building a house as a stove, discharging water, receiving livestock, building earth, breaking earth, building embankments, mining, opening up the market, seeking money, migrating to work, marrying [eight characters and five elements] Jinshui, earth, fire, wood, Jinshui [stars] Tail Fire tiger Poetry Day: the tail star creates the grace of the Lord, brings wealth and glory, and increases wealth and wealth. It attracts wealth and treasures with the field house, and harmonizes marriage with the descendants. If it can be buried on this day, the male and female descendants will prosper. Open the door to release water to recruit the field house, and spread the name from generation to generation. Blessing God] Zhengdong [God of wealth] southwest [Peng Zu's taboo] If Ding doesn't shave his head, he will get sore. If Mao doesn't wear a well, the spring doesn't smell good. How is today suitable for entering the house? In the Yellow calendar, today is suitable for entering the house. The auspicious day of entering the house with five blessings is about the birth of eight characters. The auspicious day of entering the house below can be combined with the eight characters to select the zodiac day of good fortune and good fortune.


Traditional custom and stress of entering the house 1. In China's traditional culture, the custom of entering the house is to carry a rice jar or bucket full of rice on the day of entering the house and use rice to open the way. This means that the pots are full and the bowls are full, and you don't have to worry about food and drink after moving into your new home. 2. There are many things that need to be prepared before entering the house, such as dustpan and broom , an item brought into the new house on the day of entering the house. 3. What should be done with the items that need to enter the house? Tying a red cloth on the dustpan and broom means cleaning the dirt in the house. Therefore, the dustpan and broom are also items that need to be prepared before entering the house.

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