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Housewarming auspicious day: is January 21, 2021 a good day for the old yellow calendar to enter the house

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China is a country that pays attention to traditional culture, so everyone will pay more attention to some traditional customs. They think that the good or bad of a fortune may be related to these. So when they enter the house, they will choose an auspicious day, so that they can bring back their good luck and help the development of their work.

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entered the house on January 21, 2021 the old yellow calendar [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-21 [Zodiac] rat Chong (pig) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] the ninth day of December 20 (December 9, 2020) [appropriate] Na Cai recruited Na son-in-law to pray for blessings, build the house, open the vertical column, go to school, sacrifice clothes, ask for offspring, seek wealth, crown hairpin [avoid] Opening of the market, making vouchers, accepting wealth, separating from Ci lawsuits, marrying migrants, burying and sleeping in Shangliang, entering the house, building an earth moving boat, breaking the ground, going out to seek medical treatment [eight characters and five elements] Jinshui earth earth earth fire wood water [Xingxiu] doumuyu Poetry day: douxingzao is the master of wealth, and civil and military officials are on the tripod platform. Tian Zhai's family wealth is ten million yuan, and the tombs are built to be rich and noble. Open the door and let out water to attract cattle and horses, prosperous silkworms and harmonious men and women. When this lucky star comes to take care of you, you will be blessed and free from disaster. [Peng zubaiji] you have not broken the coupon and died. You have not traveled far. Do you have your belongings hidden? Is it a good day for the old yellow calendar to enter the house today? It is not suitable for the Yellow calendar to enter the house today. It is recommended to choose another auspicious day. If you need a good day for the prosperity of your family, you can check it in the [auspicious day of entering the house] below.

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people in China pay attention to entering houses. 1. Entering houses, different regions have different worship rituals. Different rituals of worshiping gods and burning incense can be selected according to different places. 2. In the traditional custom of entering the house, all lights in the house should be turned on to the next day at night on the day of entering the house, so as to keep the house alive. If you pay attention to it, it should be appropriate to light all the lights for three days and three nights, which can achieve the effect of flourishing the house. 3. In China's traditional custom of entering the house, we should do these small things well. After entering the house, no matter how long, in order to ensure the safety, wealth and prosperity of the family, we should hold a worship of the family God and set off a small string of firecrackers at home.

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