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Good day for housewarming: how about entering a new house on January 22, 2021

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moving into the house is very important and grand in our view. We should pay special attention to it. Only in this way can we make our family fortune prosperous. For some people who have bought a new house, they must choose a suitable day to live in, because living in a auspicious day has a beautiful meaning and can make life happy.


date of entering the house on January 22, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] January 22, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (mouse) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] December 10, 2020 [appropriate] Pray for marriage, building, moving to work, setting up a bed, making a stove, repairing a grave, lifting the lawsuit of seeking medical treatment and accepting the lawsuit of mining through a well, planting and building a house for sacrifice, capturing [avoid] the upper beam, vertical column, meridians and collaterals, entering the house, opening a warehouse, opening a market, making a voucher, accepting wealth, shipping, accepting livestock, breaking the ground, opening a drill, burying, traveling, migration, separation [eight characters and five elements] golden water, earth, earth, gold, fire, water [holding position] holding [star God] Zhenshenxing [Xingxiu] Niu Jinniu's poem day: Niu Xingcheng is the main disaster, and the nine horizontal and three disasters cannot be pushed. The house is uneasy, the population is retreating, the field silkworm is unfavorable, the master is declining, the marriage is self damaging, and the valley of gold and silver is gradually gone. If you open the door and release water, cattle, pigs, sheep and horses will also be sad. [Peng zubaiji] Geng's meridian loom is empty, and the house owner doesn't cover it at noon. How about entering the house and entering the new house today? Today is not a prosperous auspicious day for entering the house. The best time for entering the house in fuze must be related to the fate of you and your family. The following [auspicious day for entering the house] can be matched with your eight characters.

入宅4 (2)

avoid and pay attention to when entering the house. 1. How to tidy up the things in the kitchen when entering the house. When entering the house, bring a rice jar full of rice, and then put a red paper with "always full" in it, which means "all the way". 2. Be sure to pay attention to this matter after entering the house. When you enter the house, you need 21 sticks of incense. From the left to the right of the house, let the smoke spread all over the house, so as to eliminate evil spirits and make everything smooth in the coming year. 3. Be sure to keep a happy mood on the day of entering the house. Don't lose your temper, especially don't say some unlucky words, so you can be friendly all year round.

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